Run To The Sun Little One

…You’re an outlaw once again… Time’s have changed super maaaannnnn… IN THE LAND OF MAKE BELIEVEEEEEE. Thought it was time to share with you my summer time favourites which have been keeping this winter loving little stinky poo poo face (me) cool, attractive and amazing during this horrid ‘heat wave’ we are having. I don’t know why the media needs to call 2 weeks of sun a heat wave? Last time I checked when it was hot at this time of the year they just called it SUMMER. You know? The season? I really really get bothered when it’s hot, I’m super moody, hate people and generally am a bit of an arse hole to be around. So anything which may help me to become a more tolerable human being is welcome. These products are bringing a tiny bit of joy to my life. Not much though, but enough to write about. 

VO5 Dry Texturising Spray: I found this in Boots the other day when I was looking for last minute supplies on my way to Wakestock Festival. I was after a dry shampoo, but when I got to the aisle I was drawn in to the Salt Sprays instead. Salt Sprays I’ve tried in the past have been awful really – they just dried my hair out and I saw a lot more split ends!! When I read the packaging for this I thought it sounded pretty good though. It’s kind of a hybrid of salt spray and dry shampoo and for me it’s brilliant. It’s not too drying and doesn’t leave horrid white residue in my hair. It does a brilliant job of sorting out my 90’s boyband parting that’s going on in my fringe area at the moment too. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the style, but I’m growing my fringe out and it keeps separating  a blob of strands on each side of my fringe and it looks ridiculous. When I spray this in though, I just tousle and rub it and it holds my hair together in the right places all day! It’s really quite good. It’s great for texturising wavy hair and giving a nice ‘beach’ look.
Body and Face Cooling Mist: I picked this up from Poundland the other day as I noticed it on my way out, I never even thought of getting anything like this before as let’s face it – it’s just water in a can. But for a quid, I can live with that. Living in a first floor flat and owning a house cat doesn’t bode well in this weather as I can’t open my windows(!!!) so this has been a little bit of heaven when I’m sweltering mid evening.
Soap & Glory Pulp Friction: I got this in one of the big Soap and Glory gift bags they do at Christmas in Boots and it’s probably my favourite exfoliating body wash ever. Unlike the ‘Sugar Crush’ scrub they do, which is a greasy, pointless waste of my time, Pulp Friction is a lovely creamy wash with smaller bits in it which do a great job of exfoliating those knees and elbows without being too harsh and leaves your skin really clean and fresh feeling.
Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash: I got this in a set with the Philosophy Purity 3 in 1 Cleanser and I really like it. Once again, unlike a lot of exfoliators, the bits in it are really fine and not big bits that hurt your eyes when you accidentally get over zealous with the circular cleansing motions. This makes my skin feel ultra smooth and refreshed and my only complaint is the size of the bottle! Although a little does go a long way to buff away the rough little bits away. I’ve popped the 3 in 1 Cleanser in my shower for use there as it’s great for a quick make up remover and clean.

Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream: I’ve been harping on about this over on Twitter for weeks now, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it properly before. It’s one that I’ve heard of time and time again around beauty blogs, but until I got a little sample of it I wasn’t that interested, but wow. I have been missing out I tell thee! This is a really lovely product for summer days, the light formula complete with amazing coverage meaning you only need a minimal amount – even if you’re spotty little munchkin like I. The price is a little much I initially thought, but after realising this tiny tube sample has lasted me a good 2 months now it’s definitely worth the investment.
Famous by Sue Moxley Shining Star Shimmer Brick (Rihanna): Despite despising pop prick Rihanna, I really do like her namesake bronzer. It’s perfect for paler skin and also can be used as an eyeshadow and highlighter if you have a little brush. It’s got nice pink undertones and isn’t too much of a poopy brown shade with just the right amount of dewy shimmer in it. You can find this for half price at the moment to on the Famous Make Up website so only costs £3.49!
Have you got any summer summer summer tiiiiime favourites I’m missing out on?