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Whenever I see the name of this product ‘iwhite’ or (iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit to give it it’s full title) I just get the R White’s Secret Lemonade Drinker advert and song running through my head. Teeth whitening is always a thing I’m cautious about believing the reviews of, especially at home products which claim the world. For example, the new Pearl Drops 4D whitening toothpaste boasts a number of claims, but when you look on the disclaimer at the bottom of the advert only something like 52% of 52 people agree! And when you check your teeth against the in box colour chart you will notice that the colours used on the chart are slightly off what anyone’s teeth is so it makes it hard to depict your starting colour to the result. It’s all very clever. Another thing I know about some whitening products is that they actually just make your gums pinker rather than your teeth whiter, so it just makes them appear to have altered. It really is a minefield! But is the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit different to the cons and claims?
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iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit

The first things to note about iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit is the convenience and ease of use. With 10 pre filled trays in the box it’s a simple concept which means you literally just pop the gum shield like tray on to your teeth and wait for 20 minutes. I was quite interested in these as they are hydrogen-peroxide free which is usually that totally yacky smell/taste within whitening products which makes me gag. These still don’t come across as a pleasant flavour, but they are nowhere near as bad as some whitening treatments I’ve tried. I’m not going to subject you to before and after images of the inside of my gob, but for reference my teeth have never been the whitest ever, they’re kind of off colour and always have been since my adult teeth came through. I don’t drink red wine or smoke so there’s nothing I *do* regularly to maintain a discolouration, but they do need a bit of a kick up the ass in the whiteness scale.

The pre filled system does have it pro’s and cons. Whilst they fit on my teeth very well I found the goo inside the trays didn’t quite cover my teeth properly, not squidging up to cover the full tooth. It wasn’t something that couldn’t be solved by using my nail to smoosh it around a little more to provide full coverage. You leave them on for 20 minutes and then  take them off and brush the excess goo off. It’s recommended on the instructions to use all 5 sets on consecutive days and so that’s what I did! They don’t come as an inconvenience to wear as they’re only on for a short time, but you do find swallowing/talking/drinking a little hard. 

I held back from checking out the price of this kit until I’d used the entire course of erm, trays. I was expecting it to come in at around the £50 mark if only for the gimmick factor. I mean, I remember paying something ridiculous for some whitening kit with a blue light of crap in it which had no effect whatsoever on the colour of my teeth! So I was quite surprised to find this retailed for just under £30. But did it make my teeth 8 shades whiter as claimed? Uhm… no, it didn’t. I’d say 1 to 2 shades at best, BUT bearing in mind that my teeth are naturally discoloured not stained by habit I don’t actually think it’s too bad… Does that make sense? I’d imagine if you used these and were a regular red wine drinker, curry eater, smoker you’d reap a lot more benefits than I have. 

Although the White Instant Teeth Whitening Kit isn’t a complete loss, it does work to an extent and also you avoid the side effects of products like the Crest Whitening Strips, which can cause pretty bad sensitivity to be honest. I noticed a distinct difference when using these as the Crest Whitening Strips became so painful on my teeth at one point I had to take it off mid use! But there was non of that with iWhite, although the results were not quite as noticeable. 
For a more concise review check out Pampered Prince‘s blog. I think he explains technical bits a bit better than I have! What teeth whitening products have you tried and would recommend? I really like the Max White One toothpaste, and a quick and cheap one in your kitchen cupboard is bicarbonate of soda!


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Even though there were good reviews iwhite, i’m cynical about such reviews online being totally impartial, that’s not to say they don’t produce good products, even though some are pricey. as i don’t believe sites that review them are totally impartial. So i did my own research, there are 100s so couldn’t decide. However a friend recently told me about a home whitening kit because she had good results. I had to search for it online as it’s usually only given as part of an after care solution once you’ve has laser teeth whitening, but they now sell them separately.… Read more »

Hafiz Sajid

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Ronnie achir

great article , i used crest whitestrips in the past and i had have a great resultat , but now i follow some natural ingredient to keep my teeth brighter , check this report : http://teethwhitening.e-healthpartners.com

Berta Fatso

I love my teeth, so teeth whitening are always a option for me, great stuff.

Becky Boo

just bought this today and cant wait to try it,its currently on offer in Boots for less than £20, will review on my blog. x


Naomi Wilson

This review was really helpful. I saw the advert on TV and I've been wanting to whiten my teeth for ages but never know where to start! Like you my teeth are naturally stained and no matter how much I brush them they just don't whiten (it's in the family). Ah well. Might give iWhite a go and see if it works for me x


Lauren Megan

Nice review, i really want to try ones of these, im scared ive heard some people say they are damaging!:)


Hips Like Cinderella

Great review. I've been thinking about buying a whitening kit but didn't know where to start! This one looks good as an introduction to whitening. Don't want my teeth to go too white and end up looking like cilla black! Xx



Teeth whitening kits never seem to work for me, I totally agree that they seem to make you gums pinker rather than your teeth whiter! Although, I might actually give these a go, the worst that can happen is for them not to work 🙂

Sara T

I'm the same, I had a fluorine overload / calcium deficiency so some of my teeth are uber white and others are much darker, I don't think whitening kits will ever really work for me, I might have veneers if I can ever afford them! These look cool though, I've never heard of them before!