Nailed It – Pig in Mud Birthday Cake

I just found this picture in my drafts from when I went to write about it a few weeks ago and decided it was a little too hilarious (to me) not to share. Basically we have the result of a friends birthday who likes pigs and I wanted to make a cake for. 

This was the outcome:

Pinterest Fail - Nailed It - Pig Cake DIY Sugar Craft
As you can see, it unintentionally turned out like something you’d find on a Buzzfeed page. The worst part about this cake is that I actually DID try to make it look like the picture!! Luckily it was a shop bought cake for the base and I just used icing and chocolate fingers for the ‘design’ so not a lot of time and money was spent. But if I’d actually have MADE the cake I’d be fuming….! I also felt the need to write on that it was PIGS as you know.. It wasn’t really that clear what was going on here.
…..And yes… I do have a degree in Crafts. 

Moving on; I’m heading off to Leeds Festival next Wednesday to work for the weekend – yay! I can’t wait, I just hope the weather sorts itself out in the meantime. It’s the first time I’ll actually be working rather than just pissing about in the guest area, so will be something for the ol’ CV even if it’s not as great as previous years. I’ll get some posts up for the duration and maybe even pop a few guest posts out. I have a few things planned including a little Chinese Supermarket shopping trip and some of the typical things a beauty blogger should be writing about, make up and such…. You know how it is. Life.