Jewellery Tomfoolery

I really like Claire’s, so much so I still add ‘Accessories’ on the end like how it used to be, back int’day. I suppose I shouldn’t like Claire’s as much as I do really, considering I have a degree in making jewellery from scratch and should be supporting designer makers more – but hell, I just can’t skip a bargain. In Stoke on Trent there’s a little outlet mall called Freeport, it’s not the greatest place on earth and I think every mid 20 year old on the north side of the city has worked there at one time or another, but it’s always alright for a quick browse and I do tend to pick up quite a few bargains from there. The Claire’s used to be just an outlet of the regular high street shops but with 30% off EVERYTHING, which was amazing really as you can get stuff like Eyelure eyelashes and they always have some nice nail varnishes and cheap tat to make one happy in, but then they changed it to being an end of line store instead so you can’t get all the same things as the regular shops. I can’t decide if it’s better or worse though, as I’m still annoyed I can’t spot something in the Hanley store and nip across to Talke to get it cheaper, I do tend to find the offers and discounts on the discontinued stock is pretty impressive! Take today for example where EVERYTHING in store was 5 for £10, meaning EVERYTHING is pretty much £2 each!
Claire's discount jewellery and accessories
I will admit, when this type of offer is on you do end up buying a few bits just for the sake of it alongside the stuff you actually want in the first place. The only thing I wanted at first was the little jewellery holder in the picture below. It’s original price was £8.50! It’s quite small but cute and is a nice little shabby chic addition to hang on my wall. I also got this lovely jewelled collar necklace which was price marked as £10!! I love collar necklaces but they never seem to sit right on my neck – but this one does, woo hoo! It’s got pink jewels in which aren’t my usual cup of tea but when I’ve saved 8 quid on it I’m sure it will do just to jazz up some plain black garments at some point in my life. The complete ‘wild card’ item I picked up was the little black bow hat thing. I don’t even know why… I thought it might come in handy for some kind of fancy dress occasion at some point in my life? Or maybe when I take up a hobby as a 1940’s dancer or something, who knows? But it clips in your hair and does look mega cute, I’m just not sure I’m ready for tiny velvet hats in my life quite yet.
Claire's discount jewellery and accessories

I haven’t blogged about it yet but over on Instagram I have put plenty of picture of the hair accessories I’ve been getting from the Claire’s in Hanley for full price recently. I really liked the delicate gold one I had but lost it after a night out, so now have a bigger one which isn’t quite as subtle, but I spotted this cross design ‘hair swag’ in my Claire’s swag and added it to my basket. It attaches with two kirby grips to each side of you head and drapes down the back. I thought it’d be nice for the front like a crown type thing, but it’s a little too long, but it does look wonderful swaggered over the back anyway. Finally I got this cute little bracelet with teacups and teapots on it which I’m probably going to take the charms off and make in to a dainty necklace instead! I don’t wear bracelets as they just get in my way and my tiny child wrists just let them dangle all over the show, but regardless these charms are cu-uuuu-te.
Claire's discount jewellery and accessories

So there we have it – 5 items – £2 each – £10 for all of them! I’m pretty pleased. I’m not sure where locally to others will have the Claire’s outlet’s like the one at Freeport, but I know Cheshire Oaks has the same kind of thing and I’m guessing all McArthur Glen and similar discount shopping centres do too.