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I don’t care what anyone says, every one loves a good bargain. Whether it’s the reduced chicken in the bargain chiller at Asda or a pair of socks. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as bagging a good product for an even better price. Here’s a few budget beauty buys which have left me thoroughly satisfied over the past few weeks. First up we have the ELF Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint which will cost you £3.50 a pop. I was offered the chance to try these through their Google+ page (see Google+ isn’t the complete devil) and I was quite excited! I love a good daily lip product, which you can just throw on in the morning and not look too much like a clown. These subtle shades and balmy action are perfect for your morning daily make up routine. I must admit I did expect the colours to be a little stronger give the look of them when they are uhm, a stick. But then I remember they’re called lip TINTS and tinting is just what they do! I have two colours, the lighter of which is Guava, the darker is Berry and I do favour the darker shade. It gives a bit more of a pop! They have a slightly sweet taste too which is very nice but not overpowering, the moisturisation factor is quite good, I’d say on a par with Revlon Lip Butters, but these don’t have that slightly greasy finish to them which I find the Revlon Lip Butters have. The colour/tint lasts throughout the morning and I only need to reapply at dinner (lunch) time, it’s surprising how long lasting it is really! 

Second up we have the Miners Fresh Faced foundation, which you can grab for £4.99. I’ve not used a traditional foundation for a while (favouring my Ginvera BB Cream every single time!) but these are a very nice compromise it seems. The coverage is medium to heavy and the finish is ok (if not a little cakey in places) but the thing that makes these stand out for me is the colour range. As you can see from the swatches even though there are only 3 shades they have catered for the lighter skin tones as opposed to the usual orange/darker shades limited colours of foundation and face products always seem to steer towards. It comes as a surprise that I actually need the medium shade (buff) to match my own face! Usually I have to go for the lightest shade on offer for most brands.

The best budget beauty buys recommended by beauty bloggers #bbloggers www.helloterrilowe.com

Other budget beauty buys you might want to keep your eyes peeled for:

The Osiris skin Perfecting BB Cream from Lidl – £1.99. This was recently praised in the Daily Mail as being the BB cream to take on the ‘big guns’ and I must admit it is pretty nice! The smell, the texture, the coverage – all brilliant for a £1.99 product, and also the colour match for me is great too (all about the colour matches today!)

Recommended by the #bbloggers via Twitter:

Sophia @tattooedtealady reckons the Marks and Spencers £5 body butters are the one, comparing them to ones available at The Body Shop, they’re just as good but an even better price. 
Helen @TheLoveCatsInc would like you all to have the Topshop lipsticks in your life. For £8 I’ve also heard some pretty good things about these bad boys too! 
Jenny @CardigansNails  obviously recommended a nail related product, saying that Sally Hansen Double Duty is only £3.50 in Tesco and does wonders.

Sara @xPrettyInPinkxx  has made me all intrigued by the Collection (at Boots) cream blushers for only £1.99, I think I need these in my life!

Alice @TeaAndLead has spotted a bargain on the Model’s Own stand with the ‘lip stick pen things’ which is not only the best description of the Models Own Lip-Stix but also points out they’re £5 with a ‘buy one get one half price’ offer.

Ashleigh @45h1eigh is digging the Asda Gel nail varnishes which are 3 for £5 at the moment – you can’t get better than that with your weekly shop eh!

Amy @amydoodle22 also mentioned an unexpected favourite of mine which is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadows. I’ve nearly finished a pot of this, so you know it must be good right?!

What’s your favourite budget beauty buy?
Obviously I have a tonne more I could recommend and these two I mentioned are the tip of the current iceberg, so you’ll have to browse the rest of my blog to find those treasures!

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I like the shades of lipstick very much. Thanks for sharing these beauty products here.

Sophie Davies

ELF make some wicked products. Their brushes are superb quality and some of their eye shadows are AMAZING.

Becky Bedbug

That foundation looks great!


Heads up, I've found that Osiris BB cream in Poundland for.. well, £1, instead of the OUTRAGEOUS £1.99 Lidl are charging for it… I bought up all the stock in Leeds though cos I love it so much.


Heads up, I've found the Osiris BB cream in my local poundland… for £1 as opposed to the OUTRAGEOUS £1.99 Lidl have been selling it for. I'm going back to buy all the stock in Leeds though since I love it so much…

Daniela Rubio

I love them lipsticks! They're so cheap! Just what I need.
Love Daniela (www.ohellabella.blogpost.com) oxo

Hips Like Cinderella

My fave budget buy is the Collection 2000 Iluminating Touch Highlighter! Got it for 4quid and its just as good as the fancy ones.

Love the bbloggers tips. When is the bbloggers 'chat' on twitter? I always miss it! Xx


Betzy Carmona

I love everything that is afforable 🙂

Jess | Just Jesss

The ELF lip tints look really pretty! Gotta love a beauty bargain 🙂

Jess xo


The Elf tints look like my kinda thing completely, I am still trying to get to grips with wearing full on lipstick without getting it all over my face at the ripe old age of 23 so there may not actually be any hope for me.

Also good to know that Miners do super light foundation shades, there has been a lot of discussion between my paler friends lately about not being able to find anything light enough – I shall put in a recommendation.


Ashleigh Millward

Thanks for the comment and link Terri! I am so getting myself a Lidl BB Cream! X

Amy Keeling

Thank you for the mention Terri! I thought of another and I was about to tweet you when I saw you had posted this already.

The Sleek Blushers are incredible and they're pretty darn cheap too considering the quality of them 🙂

Those Elf Lip Tints look really nice, I like the pink one quite a lot actually.

Amy x
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