Hey There Bandwagon! I’m Jumping on YOU.

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger by Hello Terri Lowe… 

I don’t really do these ‘tag’ posts, well, I’ve not done one for a while, but YOLO and all that (yes, I just YOLO-ed). My internet connection is so awful at home that it makes editing images and the like near impossible which means one blog post can often take a few hours to do from start to finish! Sometimes it’s nice to not have to worry about product shots and editing and just post something a bit more fun and wordy instead. The luscious Leeds lovely Danielle at Famous in Japan tagged me in this ‘Confessions of a Blogger’ post so I thought I’d give it a sneaky go. Enjoy. 

With my best blogging buddy Victora from Victoria’s Vintage.

1. Have you had any past online presence before blogging?

Of course I have, ever since a cold Autumn in 2002 I’d been rockin’ the online presence. Back in my day we barely had the internet on a daily basis like now (jeeze I sound kinda old) but seriously, our first internet connection was AOL dial up and you couldn’t use the phone at the same time. It was when I was in my final year at school and only about 3 other people had the internet at home too! I spent a majority of that time on AOL chat rooms haha, which is where I first spoke to Elena from Frivolous Mrs D! There was a time we even sent each other mix CD’s and stuff. Oh for simpler times. There was a load of forums I used to study for my degree in pricking about online on and developed the strong online character which I am today. Oh and MySpace where I learnt all my mega HTML skills!

2. Why did you start a blog?

Basically to showcase my work and progress whilst at uni, I studied for a degree in Crafts where everything was made from scratch, I thought a blog would be the best platform to keep a track of everything. That’s why this blog dates back to 2010 if you look. It was once I left uni that I decided to start a food blog, but then after a few make up reviews it become predominantly beauty. It’s been a bit of an ongoing journey really and has taken a lot of refinement to land where it is now!

3. When did you become so serious about blogging?

I probably wouldn’t use the word ‘serious’ now? It’s a hobby and something I like to do, I don’t feel a pressure or need to blog, I just like writing things! If I took it ‘seriously’ it wouldn’t be as fun!

4. What has been your biggest challenge whilst blogging?

Once again, I don’t really see it as a challenge! Although I suppose I like to challenge myself to an extent in terms of traffic and where my sources come from and analysing and improving in that sense. But it’s not a challenge, just an intrigue. Everything on here comes quite naturally so once again this is probably the wrong question for me to answer!

5. What was your first post?

You’ll find this is my ‘first’ post on here, but it’s not the first post ever written, when I changed the theme of the blog I archived a lot of the craft and design posts, but in retrospect I probably should have kept them where they were. The first post about a beauty or fashion theme was this one about the Look Beauty show in 2011! I suppose this may be where the beauty business came from as I remember seeing a lot of bloggers I’d noticed on the front row and it was quite inspiring. (also brill how non of the images work on that any more! What the hell?! I think a bit of maintenance is in order.)

6. Where do you see your blog in one year?

I would say around the same place as it is now, I’m content with it all as it is, I’m not striving to be the best blogger in the world and I certainly don’t want it as a career. It’s a recreational activity which I enjoy and if I had to rely on it to pay my bills it may become a little more stressful. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working in jobs which utilise the skills I have gained through my blog, and I do transfer a lot over from both sides of the fence, but I’m happy with this blog just as it is. I do strive to improve my SEO skills just through a natural intrigue though, not to compete with others as such, just to see an outcome on the time I spend tweaking my content and stuff.

7. What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?

The community and meeting like minded people. As always in life a lot of the people you associate with are through a situation – school, work, uni; they’re all people who you haven’t had much choice about being thrown in the group with and they’re often not as like minded or share as many interests. Whereas blogging in the different communities everyone has that same mutual interest and enjoys the same kind of thing, you are bought together by your hobby and you can learn from each other and actually have something to talk about from choice. I’ve met some amazing people who are now friends through blogging such as Tereza, Victoria and Charl not to mention a ton more!

8. What is the most discouraging thing about blogging?

Uhmmm, I wouldn’t say anything ever discourages me personally from blogging. I know that people find the community and certain forums a bit too bitchy, but it’s all in an experience. I’m not the kind of person who takes an online opinion to heart or would change anything about myself or my online presence to suit so… y’know… I welcome a difference of opinions really, as it’s interesting to see the other side of the fence. I guess the main thing discouraging me lately is my internet connection haha.

9. What’s your lasting inspiration or motivation?

Sounds a bit cheesy but, well, myself. Watching my own blog grow and the readership become larger by the day is always very inspiring. I don’t want to sound too whimsical but it’s always lovely to see something you spend time on achieves something. My motivation I suppose, is seeing where my blog can take me, the last two jobs I’ve been hired for have been off the back of my online presence and it’s always an edge at interviews and on my CV, so obviously I want something good to show them!

So there we have it! I won’t tag anyone specifically, but feel free to send me your links if you’ve done the tag yourself.

Confessions Bonus Round:

  • I don’t own a MAC lipstick. In fact, I don’t even know my MAC foundation number thing… Not even for reference. 
  • I wear the same make up, every day. I don’t try out new looks. If I do I switch straight back to my regular make up.
  • I am not a make up artist, hairdresser, stylist or have any experience in the beauty industry. Don’t come here expecting any technical wording or advice, I’m simply sharing my opinion on some products I tried some time.
  • I haven’t plucked my eyebrows for over 6 years.
  • I haven’t been to the hairdressers or had a hair cut for over 3.
  • I find it nothing but mind numbingly dull when people go on about cleaning their make up brushes. Seriously. Picasso over there, just throw them away and buy new ones. Then blog about that instead.
  • I moan about people owning 12 blushers… When I own 48 (not quite, but you know what I mean, I’m a walking contradiction)