Weekly Wears

I know the days are technically getting shorter but it seems the hours in the day are actually getting shorter lately too. I’m finding hardly any time to myself recently and it’s getting me down, man! I’m very much a cat it seems and every now and then I just like to be alone and sit quietly and just relax in my flat with no one around but me and Kitty. Most people I know are dogs though, who like to be around people all the time and because most of my friends are in different social groups it’s so hard to juggle seeing them and be a hermit at the same time! Especially working full time too. After being at work all day I just like to come home and be alone for a bit. Then at the weekends I spend most Saturday’s recovering from a hangover and the other times with various other people. I know that makes me sound really anti-social really, but I’m not, I just appreciate ‘me’ time, especially now I get hardly any of it. Anyway, I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent but we’ll get back to the initial point of this blog post. Not only does working full time totally screw up your social habits but it also makes you unappreciative of your wardrobe when you’re sitting in an office all day. I thought it would be a nice idea to take a picture of what I wear to work in a week and actually make an effort to put something different on each day….

As you will notice there are only 4 outfits here, well, it makes a change from the typical 2 or 3 (at a push). I just became very complacent recently to the point where I would wear the same dress for a few days in a row and not bother too much about how it looked. I only see about 5 people in a typical day at work and I don’t think they’re too bothered about how I dress but then I realised that just because they probably don’t care doesn’t mean I shouldn’t! And also the fact that I have a lot of dresses and I actual FORGOT about loads of them. Including the burgundy jumper dress! I bought this last year from Republic before it closed down and it was something ridiculous like £10. I really like dresses like this and I have a similar one from Pull and Bear. When it was chilly last week it was just a nice comfortable change, and wish the mustard yellow belt which I got from Primark about 5 years ago it was a nice, simple outfit. I don’t think I appreciate any other colour combination as much as I do burgundy and mustard. The next day I wore the lovely green and white patterned dress with my ‘shit green’ cardigan. The cardigan was from Peacocks, once again years and years ago, but it’s definitely one of my favourites as it’s my favourite colour alongside being a nice fit and style. The dress is possibly one of the greatest things I have bought from Primark for a while, it’s a lovely material, pattern and fit – and was only £8!!! I seriously love it and it’s so flattering on my pear shaped bod too. 

As I’m writing this post I am realising how many of my ‘every day’ garments are actually from Peacocks, but before they had all that financial trouble! The mustard yellow dress and brown cardigan are also from there. The dress is definitely one of my most worn office items as once again it’s so easy to wear and a fuss free option! I find a lot of my clothing is dresses as you just don’t have to think about them, just throw it on and you’re good to go. Not like skirts which I find hard to pair a top with or shorts which you have to match to something else, a dress and a cardi is an every day win. The final outfit consists of my shrink wrap muji dress which is a great one for throwing a jumper on with and this week I chose my new ‘shit green’ jumper from h&m. I only bought this last week and it was only £12.99! I really loved the colour and the jumper itself is so soft. I think it is one of those that will bobble up really easily, which is a shame, but it’s alright for a shit green addition to my Autumnal wardrobe. A girl can never have too many dresses or too many garments in shit green. 

And to polish off my week in work wears we have the shoes. It’s been quite hard to decide which shoes to wear lately actually. I bought these brown shoes recently from a granny shoe shop thinking they were perfect every day ones to throw on, but alas when it’s raining outside the holes in them don’t really bode well! But then it’s also been a little bit warmer on odd days too so I only got to wear my new lace up boots on one day, boooo! I knew as soon as I got some Autumn/Winter boots in my life the weather would perk up again. These were a catch for less than £20 off ebay and they’re so comfy too! They’re quite wide fitting and generous inside (I got a 5 and would still be able to wear really thick socks with them) which is always great for my odd shaped feet. And the little green ankle boots which make me feel like Peter Pan seemed the best compromise for warmer-but-rainier days as they kept my feet from getting wet and also kept the puddle splashing at bay.


So there we have an entire working week in outfits. Do you ever get all nowty like me and just need time out? Or am I just completely socially inept unless encouraged by gin?