WTF Topshop: 90’s Throwback Edition

I’ll be honest during this edition of ‘WTF Topshop’ – I kind of struggled to find much to feature. When I do these posts I actually click on the ‘new in’ section to see what monstrosities are going to be the latest 10 to a penny trend walking around the high street. This week it’s all a little…. bland though. Not anywhere near as offensive or vomit inducing as usual. However, I still stumbled across a few things that made me pull my ‘WTF Face’ and thus getting an inclusion in this post.
WTF Topshop: 90's Throwback Edition

First up: Splash or Splurge with this wonderfully eye catching shiny patent dress. You could spend the grand sum of £85 on this ‘bag’ of crap. I say bag, as for a more purse friendly option you could head to your local supermarket and pick up some Value Bin Bags for about 95p and recreate a very similar garment. Another ‘eye catcher’ is the lavish silver maxi skirt. I know mermaid shit is in lately. But…. But… Just, what would you even wear this with? Where would you wear it to? It does have a certain 90’s charm to it though, I mean, it totally reminds me of the cop robot on Terminator 2 when he melts. The leather bottoms you see to the left of the image at first appear to look quite alright. Leather trousers are really on trend at the moment, but these, oh these. These aren’t leather trousers… These are leather front JOGGERS. Now obviously I’m not naive enough to thing that anyone would wear these for a work out (I hope, anyway because that’s a one way ticket to some kind of infection). But why? Why joggers? Why leather fronted? Why £95! The poor cow that died and was skinned for these. Imagine that as your legacy. Mooooo. As for the pale blue boyfriend coat, unless your boyfriend is Barbara Windsor then I’m not sure what he’d be doing in this coat? Why is every shapeless garment on the planet deemed ‘boyfriend’? I just don’t get it.

Riddle me this: What is worse than a pair of ‘mom jeans’? 
Answer: A pair of mom jeans that came from Pat Sharpe’s hooch and mullet induced hangover. In the form of these two tone ‘mom jeans’. Fun House, it’s a whole lot of vom.
A WTF Topshop post is never complete without some footwear is it? And these flesh coloured mesh things are the epitome of repugnant. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about them that makes me want to vomit. But you know… Just look at them. 

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I hear Kanye West is at the forefront of leather joggers. Just you wait, we'll all be wearing them. Toppers is funny, there is a ton of crap but then every 1 in ten thing I wantwantwant. Because I dress like a rodeo clown, perhaps! xxx

Hips Like Cinderella

Why are mom jeans back in fashion? Gross… !!! Xx

Amy Keeling

I love Topshop but my god what are they thinking with these items….so strange!
Amy x
A Little Boat Sailing

Kelly Lelly

I kinda like the jeans to be honest, I think they'd look cool with a boyfriend blazer and motif tea,
But not feeling the rest!!

Although the skirt would be good if you wanted to look like a mermaid hahaha! 😉

Kelly ||

Jo from Painted Glitter

"Unless your boyfriend is Barbara Windsor then I'm not sure what he'd be doing in this coat"…definitely laughed out loud at this point! These posts are far too entertaining haha xx

Kerys Marie

HA! Oh god, they are terrible.. I just don't even get why they've been produced? That skirt.. vomin'ell

Kerys | Little Bo Blab


Oh my god – they're all so vile! Those shoes are disgusting, they look like Hooker shoes!!!!


Well those are all thoroughly disgusting. If I saw that image and didn't know it was topshop I would wonder what kind of hideous shop was selling crap like that.

Sometimes I think it's becoming fashionable to look bad on purpose, which is fully retarded if you ask me. | a british fashion & beauty blog