Autumnal Plaid

Autumn is possibly my favourite time of year. It’s a puddle smashing, leaf crunching, snuggly clothing bonanza and I can’t get enough of it. I dislike the summer as once you get too hot you can’t exactly take more than erm, your clothes off and in winter you have the obvious downsides of snow and ice. Autumn though, Autumn is perfect.  I love nothing more than a thick dress and a lovely cardigan. You can truly channel your granny chic but it’s totally acceptable as you’re keeping cosy and warm at the same time. I picked up this lovely brown plaid dress from ‘Hypnotic’ in Birmingham. You know, the shop near The Bullring where everything is £7.99, it’s gotta be the best shop ever. I love it a lot, but it’s a bit annoying I picked up the size 10 and it’s ever so slightly too big – nothing a belt can’t fix though! Teamed with a murky green cardi I’m good to go. 

A little bit of autumn love for the £7.99 fashion shop in Birmingham 'Hypnotic'

A little bit of autumn love for the £7.99 fashion shop in Birmingham 'Hypnotic'
Dress – Hypnotic (Birmingam) £7.99
Cardigan – Peacocks (years ago) £?
I’ve also noticed the wonder goodness of the £7.99 shop in Birmingham is now online hereRebranded for the online community as ‘Hidden Fashion’. The prices are still mega cheap!  In fact some things are actually cheaper than the £7.99 blanket price but then some things are a bit more than £7.99 too…. When you consider postage and packaging is free though, it still works out a bargain if it is a more expensive garment – as you can skip the cost of the train to Birmingham for one!

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BeautyFul World

I love the dress and the whole look 🙂 I got myself free pair of 'geeky' glasses from Specsavers, picking them up next week! x

Naomi Olivia

Love this. Looks like a favourite outfit from my fav 90s film 'Clueless'

Nai x

Charlotte Thomas

That dress is amaze. So is your figure. I'm so jealous!

Charlotte – x


You look great and I like this clothes combo soooo much.

Samantha Griffiths

I do like that dress quite a fair bit! Although me and my friend had a bit of a nightmare in that shop a few years ago. I don't know if it's changed now but at the time they wouldn't do refunds but also didn't have changing rooms so you could try things on in before you bought them… we sorted it in the end though. And their prices are ridiculously cheap!


Maxine mckay

lovely dress! you look super pretty 🙂 xx


Oh I do love that dress!