Lace and Frills

It’s definitely that time of year where trying to take pictures for blog posts becomes an uphill struggle! Especially when you’re at work all day and it starts to go dark by the time you get home. I couldn’t wait to pop this lacey cardigan on though after I got it in the post today, all the way from Chiiiiiiiinnaaaaa. There is a back story to this garment of wonderment though, which is why I’m even more excited about it, although maybe excited isn’t the right word to use here. My friend actually got this cardigan (is it even a cardigan?) from a ‘handmade’ wares seller at a local ‘Vintage’ fair. When she came around wearing it I immediately fell in love with it’s lacey goodness, then she told me it was a ‘one off handmade’ thing and I died a little inside. Upon closer inspection it did look a little *too* good to be one off garment though, with the embroidered delicate mesh material and lace embellishments it was twisting my melon actually trying to work out how this seller ‘made’ it… Then I found out the seller also owned a shop, so I trotted up and found another one of these ‘one off’ hand made lace cardigans… Hmmmm….. Suspicious. She wanted £30 for it and the entire shop was branded as ‘handmade’. The quality and designs within the shop were a little too erratic to even be hand crafted by the same person…. Anyway intrigue, suspicion and the internet got the better of me and I began a manic search for this lovely lacey cardigan kimono type thing. And found it! Turns out you can get it for as low as £10 off one of eBay’s many wonderful Chinese sellers.
Outfit of the day, new lace, frilly kimono cardigan from eBay.

Outfit of the day, new lace, frilly kimono cardigan from eBay.
I’m totally in love with it, even though it’s probably not the weather to wear it right now. But it’s one of those things that immediately makes you feel like Florence and the Machine. I know some people don’t like buying from oversea’s sellers on ebay, but I think around 99% of my ebay purchases are from them. You have to wait a little while for them to come, but it’s worth it, especially when you save £20 a time from naughty people passing stuff up as their own handmade designs eh!! It really annoys me when people do stuff like that. Just be honest! I got this from a seller called Hello Rola in case you want to browse some bargainous goodies, but there are TONNES of sellers to choose from!