Feeling Festive At Paperchase

Every year at Christmas time I LOVE going in to Paperchase to check out their latest offerings. I absolutely love how they continue every time to have more and more deer and stag based decorations for the festive period (which I always buy on sale and have on display all year round, hehe). This year they have literally gone STAG MAD, much to my joy! I bought the little hessian stag head the other day for £4, it was a toss up between that and the lovely glittery blue and purple one… But in hindsight I think I might have to go back for ALL of these things. The squirrel and the fox I’m hoping will be reduced in the January sales as I can’t justify buying them right now, although I am weighing up the pro’s and cons of them being a nice companion for Kitty (my cat) as they’re kind of big and she might think they’re some kind of real animal for companionship?! Nah, that excuse isn’t going to work is it? They look a little bit uhm… odd in the pictures, but believe me, in real life they are wonderful. Unfortunately my closest store is probably Manchester which is a right pain in the ass cheeks, but probably a blessing in disguise as if there was a Paperchase in Stoke I’d be going stationary and gift cray cray on a daily basis! I guess it just makes it all the more special when I do get to browse around all the goodness. I would say it’s probably the best thing about Christmas time really… Actually it’s probably not, but still makes me happy.

Feeling Festive At Paperchase

Fox home decor
$24 – paperchase.co.uk

Home decor
$23 – paperchase.co.uk

Home decor
$7.67 – paperchase.co.uk

Ceramic home decor
$7.27 – paperchase.co.uk

Pink home decor
$6.46 – paperchase.co.uk

purple teal lying down glitter stag
$5.65 – paperchase.co.uk

pink glitter stag with bell
$6.46 – paperchase.co.uk

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