Prolonging That Tan

Ah, let’s cast our minds back to the beginning of the summer and this post. Remember that? When I took such an adamant stand that I was going to rock my pale skin throughout the season and not succumb to the wonders of a tan… Oh what a contradiction that turned out to be! About a month after I wrote that post I rediscovered the Lacura Body Bronzer and was once again a little bit hooked on using this skin tinting phenomenon. I swear I’m turning in to some kind of Liverpudlian WAG wannabe, what with all these hair extensions, false lashes and fake tan I’m suddenly coveting. Through my journey from pale to interesting I’ve found fake tans to be pretty hit and miss really. I don’t find the traditional liquid ones to be very good and always make me appear orange more than bronzed. Through a lot of trial and error though, these are my top products to contradict my pale skin protest with.

Prolong that tan through to Autumn/Winter:

Tips and tricks to prolong your tan through to winter

Lacura Body Bronzer:

A gel like formula which leaves a hint of bronze colour without being orange, this is really easy to use and the gel acts as a good moisturiser. I really like using this although I think Aldi only stocked it for the one season last year. It’s easy to apply with your bare hands just like a regular moisturiser and absorbs super fast without leaving a horrid residue or smell.

Santa Monica Self Tanning Mousse:

After months and months of people telling me mousse based fake tans were the best and me ignoring the advice, I finally bought this for around £2.99 from Home Bargains. I must say this is definitely my favourite formula out of every fake tan I’ve tried! Mess free, streak free and super easy to apply. Although the ‘medium’ tone doesn’t actually go as dark as I’d like it (hark at me, Jodie Price over here), it still leaves a wonderful tanned colour on my skin!

St Moriz Tanning Mist:

This was also from Home Bargains for £2.99 and although it does create a really nice colour and doesn’t streak or go patchy, it’s a bit messy to apply. I have to stand in the bath to make sure I don’t tan the walls and carpet. I use a 99p tanning mitt with this and the mousse and it’s so easy to blend in! Although as I said I prefer the mousse formula to this one just because it’s not as messy to use. Once again though, I find the medium a little too light for what I would of liked though but cannot fault the results of either of these two!

Fake Bake Daily Sports Tan:

This smells delicious, a totally tropical daily moisturiser tan from Fake Bake. I do like this and it’s convenient to use, but I do find it’s a little bit… yellow? And clogs easily around the knees and elbows, but I can kind of forgive that when it smells so good. The idea is that you can just use it straight after the gym, hassle free, but you do need to make sure you blend it in well, especially on paler skin tones.

Tips and tricks to prolong your tan through to winter
If you’re lucky enough to have actually caught the sun this summer (unlike me, forever naturally pale) then there are ways to keep that bronzed effect for a bit longer. With a few simple steps from Hayes and Jarvis you can stop the sands of time wearing away your glow.
Wax yo’ self before you get beach bronzed: Waxing your hairy bits after you’re back from your holibobs means that you’re pulling away not only your stubbly bubbly bits, but also those brown tinged skin cells which make up your awesome rockin’ tan.
Stay moisturised: Use a super hydrating shower oil instead of a dull cream or gel, oils help to lock in the moisture and therefore stop your skin from shedding like a sneaky snake and taking your tan with it.
Moisturise yo’ insides: Keep drinking water to keep your insides happy and your skin nourished. Water is your best friend when it comes to steering off dry skin, and no one likes their legs to look like the flaky pastry from a Gregg’s Sausage Roll…. Unless they’re really really hungry.
Don’t be a lobster: Take your time when getting that initial tan, slow and steady wins the race and it also doesn’t make your skin peel and burn and ultimately look really really gross. It also apparently lasts longer if you gradually tan, not just go full throttle the first time you lay eyes on the sun.
Use a tinted moisturiser or gradual fake tan: Yup, if like me you can’t seem to keep a tan longer than you can keep a doughnut, then the only option to keep your mitts on the brown bits is faking it. 

*Information on this blog post was written in collaboration with Hayes and Jarvis