Beautiful Brown Boots

I am obsessed with boots, inparticular brown boots. Just give me allllllllll the brown boots. I don’t like wearing black boots as I think with black tight’s it’s a little too much black going on, but then at the same time wearing brown boot all the time doesn’t give you the same erm, flexibility in the fancy tights department. Not like I ever branch out and wear fancy coloured or patterned tights either really! I always steer away from particularly light coloured tights or y’know like leopard print tights as I think they make some people’s legs look a bit like a disease from far off… You know what I’m talking about. It’s tan/nude leggings all over again. And we’ve all had that awkward moment where we’re not sure if someone is naked on the bottom half until we are 3 foot away. 

A selection of Clarks boots available from Littlewoods on Hello Terri Lowe - UK fashion blog.

My favourite style of boot this season is definitely the riding style. Especially when they combine leather and suede. It just gives them that extra bit of detail which I loveeeeee. I still remain faithful to my all round favourite shoe style – the brogue, though. I don’t know what it is about brogues which makes me love them so much!? I think it’s because I generally love anything that old people wear. Old people chic is totally my style. If you’re in the market for some boots then give have a look at the Littlewoods range of boots a shout. They have some awesome styles online including the Clarks ones above! Clarks are everywhere lately, which secures my love of them even more (I love a lot of stuff don’t I?) but regardless of what they have out right now, I literally CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE ORLA KIELY CLARKS SHOES COME OUT!!! (so much so it’s needed that caps lock right there).

Written in collaboration with Littlewoods.