Gifted: Fragrance Edition The Selection Box!

Discovery Club 4th Edition Box from The Fragrance Shop

featuring samples of designer fragrances and exclusive discount vouchers!

So you may have gathered by now that I’m doing a series of posts full of Christmas and gift inspiration here on my bloggy blog blog. One thing I’ve always avoided ‘reviewing’ on my blog is fragrances, as you really cannot express or describe how a fragrance actually SMELLS until you smell it yourself, so me describing it to you as a review is a little bit…. pointless? But what I CAN do, is recommend some perfumes based on their potential for gifting. This is the first in a series of posts dedicated to fragrances featuring the wonderful Discovery Club Box from The Fragrance Shop. Enjoy!
Gift Idea! Fragrance Discovery Club Subscription Beauty Box from The Fragrance Shop.

As well as fragrances you will notice it’s really rare for me to feature a ‘beauty box’ on my blog nowadays. I don’t subscribe to any and quite a lot don’t appeal to me. Especially the ones where you don’t know what you’re getting! Give me the Latest In Beauty boxes any day – where you can get to choose different themes and see what is in the box before you commit to buying it. The Discovery Club perfume box is along the same lines, where actually know what you’re getting before you splash out. Although ‘splashing out’ is the incorrect term to use, as this little box of wonderful whiffs will only cost you £5! Ok, you don’t get big full size perfumes or anything, but you get these lovely little sample vials which are perfect for your handbag and for nights out.

Gift Idea! Fragrance Discovery Club Subscription Beauty Box from The Fragrance Shop.
The Fragrance Box is a quarterly affair which is ideal for a budget(ish) Christmas present, which literally keeps on giving! You can pop the initial box underneath the Christmas tree with a little confirmation that you’ve subscribed them to the service for the rest of the year. I don’t recommend subscriptions generally either, but this one is just brilliant. In each box you not only receive around 6 samples but there’s also a booklet which offers you some amazing offers off the full size bottles of the featured perfumes too! The service can be cancelled at any time too, so if you decide the recipient smells sweet enough at any point (or you just don’t like them any more) you can just cancel the boxes too! 
Gift Idea! Fragrance Discovery Club Subscription Beauty Box from The Fragrance Shop.

For more information and to take a peek at The Fragrance Shop site have a little looky here.

For a fiver a go I’m definitely signing up – a gift to me, from me.

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Bhavi Patel My Lush Box

What an awesome gift idea, I would love to receive this.