Check Meowt

A litte late in the day for this blog post but I’ve been a little busy – Today it’s my birthdayyyyy! I’ve not been partying like it’s my birthday, or sipping bacardi like it was my birthday, I’ve been at work all day and popped out for a bit of grub earlier on. I’ve eaten out so much this past week and weekend I’m turning in to a right little piggy, oink oink. I got a few lovely things for my birthday but when you get older it’s never as special is it? Although getting a Tefal Egg and Toast toaster was certainly a highlight!! I’ll blog about that soon, it’s the best gadget ever to be invented. Another lovely thing I got was this amazing cat print shirt!!

Check Meowt – Monki Black and White Cat Print Shirt!

It’s beautiful isn’t it??

The Monki Cat Print Shirt on Hello Terri Lowe - UK fashion blog.

I was surprised to get this kitty print shirt when I unwrapped it as it’s been out of stock on Asos for ages! It’s a Monki one and only cost something like £25. It looks awesome with my H! By Henry Holland spotty pleather skirt and a pair of thick tights. It’s such a nice material too. I don’t own anything from Monki but their prices seems pretty reasonable and it’s a good quality blouse too! It’s thick enough for a white blouse to not wear anything (apart from a bra, obvs) underneath too. Although in this weather the more layer the better I think! It’s just the right length too, I find that if shirts are too long they’re too tight around the hips and if they’re to short well, my belly button is all on show and that. But this cat print shirt, oh I’ve never been more in love with a garment.
The Monki Cat Print Shirt on Hello Terri Lowe - UK fashion blog.

Sorry this is a brief one, I just had to share the cat shirt love, BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO MUCH.