You’ve Been Framed

I think I’ve finally got back in to the swing of blogging now after starting my new job! It has been really difficult the past week or so and I’ve been so rubbish at replying to emails, tweeting, commenting, generally being a walking, talking member of the online community…. But alas, I’ve gotten over the initial hurdle and have started settling in to more of a routine. Spending so little time in my flat lately makes me appreciate a bit more the time I am spending at home, and making me want to make even more pretty improvements! Because I live in a rented place it’s hard to make something really feel like *yours* as you can’t really paint the walls or change the carpets (no matter how much I REALLY want to change my bedroom carpet, what kind of girl was a murkey dark blue carpet in their bedroom? Not. Me.) Anyway, the most affordable and convenient way to get a rented place feeling more homely I have found is by piling the walls with frames and pictures and wall art galore. Obviously hanging them with the right apparatus, not using random size and shapes of screws willy nilly (it wasn’t me, guv’nor… when I do eventually move!) 
You can pick up frames from anywhere… Charity shops, car boots sales, your grandads secret hoarding house where he keeps years and years of random things he found mainly in house clearances and the like (don’t ask) or you can pick some simple ones up from Homebase and the like. A lick of paint using one of those little sample pots that cost about 2 quid and you’re good to go. You can keep them blank, hang some antlers, insert fabric or get some fancy pictures. It’s a pretty versatile way to make your home your own!

What are your best cheap, cheerful and rent friendly decor ideas?

Written in collaboration with Homebase