All Aboard The iPad Express….

You may have guessed by now that I am a complete sucker for a gadget, especially when they have that certain ‘novelty’ value… If it’s small, or weird, or cute, or quite useful but in a completely unnecessary way, then I pretty much want it… I’ve always viewed apple iPad’s as a novelty gadget, and not really taken an active interest in them in the past. I used to have an iPhone which unfortunately died a death when Kitty knocked it into a cup of tea one time. But since then the Apple/Mac fad has never really excited me. But oh my, how an opinion can change. I was recently offered an iPad mini to have a little play with from Argos and y’know… How could anyone ever refuse such a generous offer? I know I certainly couldn’t, and evidentally didn’t… So here I am, with this awesome little gadget in front of me, wondering how I ever managed without it.

I blogged not too long ago about my Chromebook, which is kind of a hybrid of a tablet and a laptop, but in a compact and affordable little machine. I really do like my Chromebook, but as it’s still essentially a laptop (although not in the traditional sense) I find with my shockingly slow internet connection (I know, I don’t go a day without mentioning it, because it’s literally THE BANE OF MY LIFE) I just can’t use it to it’s full potential. The apps take a while to load and it’s a chore to do anything as it’s all entirely web based…. Then in steps the iPad. This little baby has changed my life, it’s managed to solve so many ongoing frustrations! For example, I always like to settle in to bed and watch something on my laptop. On my Chromebook the only thing that I can actually stream is South Park… No really. Nothing else loads. But on the iPad you can get apps like BBC iPlayer, where you can download programmes when you’re on WiFi and watch them at a later time even if you’re not connected to the internet. This doesn’t sound revolutionary to most, but for me it’s saved a lot of irrational anger when I get in to bed of an evening and yet again the internet doesn’t work. As you will have seen this week on Twitter I’ve also had no internet at home since Thursday and I cannot tell you how boring this would have been if I didn’t have my iPad already packed full of previously downloaded programmes. Not only is it great for apps like iPlayer and the like, but it’s also great for doing things super quick – like checking the dreaded bank balance. Trying to log in to my bank account on my Chromebook takes foreeeevverrrrr with having to put all the passwords in and whatnot, but on the iPad you just download the app (which is meant for iPhone but works perfectly as well on iPad) and it loads so quickly! Even with MY internet. I’m now looking to getting internet from BT Infinity too, so just thinking about the potential of the tablet when it’s on a REAL internet connection is something quite exciting.
There’s so many apps I want to download on it, but haven’t yet because I don’t want to get frustrated with them being slower than they should be whilst I don’t have a proper internet connection. I absolutely love Polyvore and use it all the time, and having it on my iPad sounds like a procrastination dream come true… I’ve also been reading Elsie Larson’s blog A Beautiful Mess for YEARS now and have waited forever to download her photography app. But like I say, I’m holding on for now as I don’t want to taint my opinion of them with an awful internet speed! Or maybe I’m being a little too precious about these things, haha. So far my favourite app for aesthetic goodness is Pinterest. On a desktop computer or laptop I’ve never really been that in to Pinterest, but it’s a website just built to be an app on a tablet. It’s jus so good looking (Joey style ‘Heyyyyyy’).

Another great thing about the iPad mini is the size. With this cute little Trendz case from Asda it’s great to just pop in my bag! I’m the most forgetful person I know, so I’m trying to use this more as a diary and note pad so I can actually remember things… I’m not even exaggerating when I say I’m the most forgetful person ever either, I mean, the other week I even forgot it was my birthday?! Concerning, isn’t it? Haha. The size of the iPad mini in the case just makes it look like you’re carrying a book or something and the weight it non existent, you really don’t notice it’s in there. Kitty has also been enjoying the iPad (more so than the iPhone she destroyed) and I download an app called ‘Games for Cats’ which I instagrammed her having a little go on! If you have a feline friend download it and let them have a play, share the technology love!

*iPad from Argos, views from the mind of T Lowe.