Tefal Egg N Toast – The Best Gift EVER.

If you’re still looking for Christmas presents for people, just stop. Stop it right now. Because you need look no further than this little gadget of tasty wonders I am about to tell you all about. It’s pretty much made my life complete and is the best thing I got for my birthday this year. No matter who the recipient is I’m pretty sure they will love this…. Well….  If the recipient likes eggs and toast that is… If they don’t, I’m not sure what is wrong with them really, I mean, who doesn’t like eggs and toast?! This thing it great for students, bachelors or even your gran. Or basically anyone who lives alone who you’re worried doesn’t have a daily hot meal inside of them maybe?! I present to you, the best thing in my life right now – the Tefal Egg and Toast MACHHHINNNNEEE. 

So yeah, the Tefal Egg and Toast is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a kitchen gadget which not only toasts your bread like an average toaster, but you can also cook eggs and heat up beans, bacon, pre cooked sausages and the like! It comes with a tiny little saucepan thing for making poached eggs or mini omelettes or a weird tray thing you pop up to 4 eggs in to boil to the hardness of your liking. I admit, since I’ve had this thing I’ve been having dippy egg and soldiers at least 3 times a week! It’s just so quick and simple! You don’t have to time the eggs as you simply just fill the little beaker to the amount of eggs you want to cook and there’s gauges on the side to measure how much water to put in depending on how soft or hard boiled you want the eggs to be. I know some people probably think this is a lazy persons way to cook eggs on toast – and it is – and I personally love it! Once you measure the water, you just press the button you need on the front. You can either hard boil the eggs to eat in salads for the rest of the week, do two soft boiled ones whilst your soldiers toast, or be boring and just have the toast. All the timings are pretty much spot on, and there’s no standing around making sure the pan doesn’t boil over or getting the timer on your phone out. Pop the handle down and go about doing other things, come back a few minutes later and it’s done! Also bearing in mind the lazy girl lifestyle, you don’t have to wash up the equipment afterwards either if you choose to boil the eggs, as the water boils dry and a quick wipe down with some kitchen roll does the trick. 
The only downside about the Tefal Egg n Toast is that it’s a little bit clunky looking and a bit bigger than an average toaster. So depending on how picky you are about the aesthetics of your kitchen appliances it might not be for you. The best thing about the Tefal Egg n Toast? Simplicity and the small amount of time it takes to quickly whip up a ‘hot meal’. Ok, maybe not the most nutritious hot meal in the world, but better than a bag of chips on a cold winter day. The other great thing about this little beauty is the price! Coming in at just shy of £40 it’s a great, affordable Christmas or birthday present for anyone. Well, I think it is anyway. 
Am I being a little too enthusiastic about this revolutionary (to Terri Lowe) kitchen gadget?
Have you tried any kitchen gadgets like this? I’m eyeing up the Tefal Actifry next!