They See Me Haulin’

I think I’ve been going a bit too wild lately with my ‘gifts for me’ whilst out shopping getting gifts for others. I wrote about the Paperchase Woodland Stationary collection before and how I restricted myself to the one item…Well that escalated quickly, to this little haul below. Gosh I hate the word haul…. As you can see I broadened my collection somewhat recently. Because Stoke hasn’t got nice shops like Paperchase I do have to make big splurges when I go just to keep me going until the next time I can make it. It’s fine though, as everything I bought is really really useful… Honest.

As you can see the Woodland collection from Paperchase is super cute and lovely and the illustrations feature a cute little fox, an owl, some twee birds and twigs and that and also my favourite little guy, that frog on the front of the mini suitcase box! Doesn’t he look wonderful? As well as the box, I got a hot water bottle which is an adorable round shape with the felt fox appliqué on the front, some little hand warmers, a cute watch and some more sticky notes and a note book! I have such a vast collection of note books that are all too precious to write in and this is definitely going in to that pile (we all have one of those don’t we?). I loved the watch as it reminds me of Swatch watches but obviously for a fraction of the price, I think this was about £6. All in all it was a jolly good haul. Sorry if this is a bit ‘show and tell’ but when things are this cute I just can’t help myself.

Are you addicted to Paperchase?

Oh, don’t be daft, if you’ve ever stepped foot in one you totally are!

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daisy walters

My auntie has a thing for anything owls, and I've got her this collection for Christmas. I just know she's going to love it!! x

Amy Keeling

This collection is so pretty, I kinda just purchased a filofax for the new year, I completely forgot about this range…I wonder if there is a diary too.
Amy x A Little Boat Sailing


Wilkinsons do a really similar woodland range! It's sooo cute!


Em’s Mixed Bag

Kat Clark

such a cute collection. I have a 3 floor paperchase near my office in london and it's a dangerous place to enter…

Makeup Monster

LOVE these pieces:)

Joanna Victoria -x

This is so cute I am so tempted to buy it all

Cat Fyson

I love this collection so much, I wish there was more of it!