Berdoues Violettes de Toulouse

Oui oui, c’est bonne, la toot de la fruit! Here I am sounding surprisingly chirpy pretending I’m French whilst I’m currently dying the death of deaths with the worst flu I have EVER had (I’m sure I claim it’s the worst ever every time I get a cold/flu, but seriously, this is baaaadddd). I’ve spent the day recovering in bed, which is REALLY annoying, as I hate having days off work, I mean who doesn’t want to get paid for being sick? If I could of lifted my head this morning, believe me I would have been there! Anyway, before my demise, this weekend I managed to pop myself to Manchester and get some Sales shopping done. I literally went in to town for a diary from Paperchase, but is it just me or is their selection lacking somewhat right now? Alas, instead of a diary I got lots of pointless goodies instead. Including the Berdoues Violettes de Toulouse perfume which I have been eyeing up in Marks and Spencers for MONTHS.
Berdoues Violette de Toulouse, a violet scented perfume from Marks and Spencers on UK beauty blog.

The reason I was drawn to this in the first place was obviously the beautiful, beautiful bottle. Look how splendid it is. I mean, how often nowadays do you see such wonderment on a shop shelf? As soon as I sniffed it, it was love…. I could go in to loads of detail of the delicate top notes and whimsical snifferings you can have when you smell this, but there’s a simple and accurate way to describe it in one way: IT SMELLS LIKE PARMA VIOLETS. Which I guess is a smell that people either love or loathe. I absolutely love it. As I mentioned, every time I went in to Marks and Spencers I always had a spritz and the smell would stay with me all day. The reason I’ve left it until now to make the purchase though was the price. Retailing at £39.50 it doesn’t come cheap, despite being an 80ml bottle and also being ever so beautiful, I just couldn’t justify it for that price. However, Marks and Sparks have a pretty awesome sale on at the moment in their cosmetics department and I managed to pick this up with 50% off! So it only cost me £19.75. I used the last bit of Christmas money I had to buy it and I will certainly treasure it for a good while I tell thee. 
Berdoues Violette de Toulouse, a violet scented perfume from Marks and Spencers on UK beauty blog.
The bottle itself comes in a really nice barrel style box and just ooooooozes that little bit of luxury. It doesn’t seem to feel like it contains 80ml of perfume as it’s such a delicate and light bottle, but I’m sure they wouldn’t be lying now would they? Haha. As you can see the bottle has one of those amazing vintage style pumps which a princess would have is some kind of child’s cartoon or something. I did think this would end up spraying out way too much product or be difficult to use somehow but it’s not. It squirts out a fine mist of the violet scented perfume and as I said before, the scent lasts all day. If you’re not familiar with the scent of Parma Violets (or violet in general) then you might have sniffed the Lush Big Daddy shampoo? This smells very reminiscent of that as well, or if you’ve had a sniff of the Yardley April Violets range (which is ever so affordable) it also smells like that, but a bit less floral and much more sweet and tasty. 

Berdoues Violette de Toulouse, a violet scented perfume from Marks and Spencers on UK beauty blog.
There were a few other perfumes in the Bedoues Perfume range, which you can find at the reduced price over on the Marks and Spencers website by clicking here. And if you’ve never been in the beauty department in M&S I suggest you go! They have so many brilliant ranges, including some French Pharmacy brands you don’t often spot in the UK.