Oh Hey There 2014

As you may or may not know (if you don’t know you must be quite skilled as blocking out my inane grumbling on Twitter about it) I have had THE worst internet connection in the history of the WORLD since moving in to my flat last year. 12 months of 2MB speeds has really affected my blogging schedule, and since moving jobs to one where I am constantly busy I can’t take 5 minutes out to catch up during the working day any more *cry*! Alas, today a very nice man from BT came over and hooked me up with REAL INTERNETZZZZ, you know the type where you can actually load webpages, look at images, upload pictures and things like that? Like a real person from 2014! So this is just a quick ‘thank you’ blog post for bearing with me in these super traumatic times. It sounds endlessly dramatic the amount of annoyance the lack of real internet has given me, but you don’t realise how much you use it until you don’t have it at all! Not to mention to appalling customer service from Virgin Media over all to top off their awful service as an internet service provider… So thanks BT, thanks for bringing me back to the modern ages.

A Quick Thank You from Hello Terri Lowe
So basically, this is a massive thank you for everyone who’s kept reading and commenting on Hello Terri Lowe in the time it has been neglected! In other news, I can finally catch up with some blog posts I’ve been planning. From teeth whitening to some Google+ and SEO tips, I’ve been planning planning planning in one of those old fashion diary things, even using this device called a…. PEN? Oh my. I recently did a little guest post type thing over on the lovely Fifi Mcgee blog, which you can read here, which ironically is all about being a ‘productive’ blogger, which I certainly don’t feel like I’ve been lately!!
Anyway, enough about me. HOW ARE YOU?
Send me some blog links, I need to catch up!

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Becky Smith

Glad to hear you're sorted now 🙂 You don't realise how much we take having internet connection and stuff for granted until it's gone, like when you have a long power cut and basically go crazy because there's just nothing to do! My boyfriend is on Virgin Media and his connection was pretty bad until the box that provides his internet which is just round the corner from his house blew up (as in literally blew up, huge bang heard from miles away and took out the power of half his town!) and they put a new one in and… Read more »


Glad you have your connection issues sorted – I'm having BT woes over here as well.

Jannatul JFR

Love your mani ♥


Nicola Robinson

Glad your all sorted 🙂 Love the notebook 🙂



I totally hear you with the Virgin Media rant – they are the worrrrst! Glad to hear things are getting back to normal for you now! xxx


Tasha Steel

Glad you've got the internet issues sorted out (It's always such a pain when it doesn't work isn't it?!)

I'm over at http://www.hello-freckles.com if you'd like to take a look x