Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret stores in the UK are kinda hard to come by. They’ve not been around for very long and I’ve never really taken any interest in them before. But when I visited the Trafford Centre recently and noticed they had one there, I decided to pop in. What lay before me? OHWHATLAYBEFOREME. My delicate British eyes simply were not ready for the amount of ghastly neon nylon underwear I walked in to. I expected Victoria’s Secret UK to be slightly more ‘mature’ than the American ones appear to come across. Does that make sense? Everything I’ve ever seen from the catwalk shows and the like just seem to me to be very tacky (don’t get me wrong, I find them very fun to watch and kind of enjoy, but in a totally tacky way). I thought the British public wouldn’t buy that crap for a second. But alas, it has travelled over complete with the trashy unclassy style I have seen on the internet. In my head I was imagining it to be a little more like a fun, less sordid version of Anne Summers. Maybe like a Anne Summers meets My Little Pony with a touch of class at worst. But no, this place is full on tacky. Colourful, bright, cheap looking underwear that wouldn’t look out of place in Primark. And not even the ‘expensive’ looking side of the Primark underwear section. Alas, being a bargain hunter though I bypassed the bargain buckets of sale tat which they had crudely scrawled across the store and aimed for the cosmetics and beauty stand. Which is where I found these Victoria Secret Fragrance Mists.

Victorias Secret UK Fragrance Mists

These were about the only thing I could stomach looking at for more than 4 seconds, and to be honest, I smelt a few and they all kind of smelt the same. They retail for £11(!!!) originally, which I found surprising considering that they’re like something you’d pick up from Boots Natural Collection for a quid, when you’re 12. They were reduced to £2.50 though, and feeling slightly let down by the lack of purchases I made after travelling all the way to the Trafford Centre, I bought a few to make myself feel better. To be fair, they’re not bad for £2.50, but £11? Nah, I don’t think I’d be making a repurchase. They do smell very nice, but all (to me) smell pretty similar – Nice  and feminine but slightly mature and sweet and floral in a non sickly way, type of smell… Which is more than can be said for their range of underwear, which I found came across like a teenager who shops exclusively at Hollister who’d just discovered their B cups and gone mad in the bargain section. I’m surprised at how long the scent does actually last, a few spritzs in the morning will see you through until at least dinner time, which impressed me considering my opinion had already been tainted of the brand. I’m left wondering what exactly Victoria’s ‘Secret’ really is… Is it really that they use the same suppliers as Primark? Who knows, but if you’re after some classy underwear to prance around in, I’d probably avoid the bra section and head for these Fragrance Mists instead (but only pay the reduced price, mind)