Channelling A Bit of 90’s Grunge

This is what I wore for BEYONCE DAY!!! Me and Charl were so very lucky to be offered some complimentary tickets from Phones4u to go and see Queen Bey on her Mrs Carter World Tour in Manchester on Tuesday. We both nearly wet ourselves with excitement (in fact, I’m sure Charl said a little bit of wee came out, snarf). The evening was pretty magical, despite me having a suspected case of tonsillitis, complete with a temperature and headache. I don’t know why whenever I have a day off from work I end up feeling rotten! It’s like my body just can’t deal with relaxing for a day, haha. Anyway, I had all day to dwell on being a baby and this meant that no matter what I wore I knew I’d feel a bit like crap! Alas, I thought I’d channel a bit of crappyness and go for some kind of weird 90’s grungey look to go with my repulsive throat. Y’know, Courtney Love always looked a bit like a disease in her hayday (well, probably more so now actually) and I kinda like how she pulled that off, so here’s my attempt. 

I’ve had this dress for a few months now, in fact I’m sure I bought it before Christmas. It was only £5 from a shop called Shout in Manchester and I loved the crushed velvet/acid wash/glittery material of it! If you’ve not been in Shout in Manchester before (I always mention it) then it’s just an unbranded shop in the Arndale Centre opposite Clas Ohlsen where everything is £2-£15. You’re hard pushed to find anything that costs more in there! You will also find a lot of clothing in them that you will see for a  much higher price on websites such as Boohoo and the like. This dress seemed like a good choice for the night anyway, because at Jay Z, which was also at the Phones4u Arena in Manchester, I remember it being SO HOT. I was honestly sweating my baps off after around 20 minutes. It was so stickyyyy. So I figured at Beyonce it would be a bit hotter due to all the booty shaking and the like. I didn’t realise though, that the glitter would malt off this thing like a motherbitch, and I was like some kind of weird diseased fairy floating around leaving a trail of glitter where ever I did go.
I also decided to wear my hair in some weird messy half plait thing. You know, doing the whole ‘I woke up like disssss’ thing, bow down bitches, and all that ghetto jazz. I like to think this hair do happened on purpose but it really didn’t. I was just too blergh to do anything proper with it. I kept my make up as simple as possible too, as I knew I was more than likely going to sweat it off throughout the duration of the night. I am absolutely loving the 2True Pro Mascara’s at the moment (they’re half price in Superdrug on offer too, for£1.50!) and I’m using both the WOW and the Flash one together, as it seems to create a pretty nice lash effect I think. I also gave up on wearing a nice lipstick because I didn’t want to riddle them with disease. Obviously to complete the ‘look’ I opted for my Dr Martin’s. I swear, I wear nothing else on my feet any more! They’re just so practical and were comfortable enough for the walk from Piccadilly station and back from the Arena. 

But anyway, you probably want some pictures of Beyonce too don’t you? Although I know you probably got a bit confused for a minute there, thinking the above pictures were her. No no, it’s just me! I know the similarities are astonishing really aren’t they? But I got quite a few pictures of the real Beyonce at the show, and even managed to snap a video or two as well. As dopey as it sounds, I always forget that my camera can record video’s and I only realised after sitting waiting for her to come on for like, an hour. So, if you wanna have a gander I uploaded them to YouTube here.
Beyonce Mrs Carter World Tour, Manchester Phones4u arena

Beyonce Mrs Carter World Tour, Manchester Phones4u arena

Beyonce Mrs Carter World Tour, Manchester Phones4u arena

Beyonce Mrs Carter World Tour, Manchester Phones4u arena

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Good seat …well impressed with the photos. ..


Those are some cracking Bey photos!
Your lashes look great, need to get some cheapo cheap mascaras I think!


I love this outfit, so beautiful! xxx

love your shoes.


Rosie Haigh

Awesome outfit! love the dress!
I went to see Beyonce last year she was so incredible! Awesome photographs!


I am diggin the weird messy plait thing you look fab and UHHH MA GAWD how close were you to the stage??? Tres Jelous x

daisy walters

I would defo of had a bit of wee come out.

xxx | daisydaisyxxo