Favourites Under a Fiver – Bold Lipsticks

After posting my last Favourites Under a Fiver blog post I couldn’t wait to do another budget beauty blog post. If there’s one thing I love it’s a bargain, if there’s another thing I love – it’s a bloody good bold lip colour! I went for YEARS without wearing lipsticks at all as I felt they made me look like a drag queen. I think it’s mainly because from the ages of 14 to about 22 I used to always ALWAYS wear eye shadow (green, always shit green) and felt that a lipstick was too over the top when I had enough make up to sink the Titanic on my eyes. How times have changed though, and now it’s rare if I actually wear bold eye shadows. I tend to just use a quick smudge of Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold when I can be bothered, but always always have a thick line of black liquid eyeliner every day. Because I’ve toned the eyes down so much, it means I feel more comfortable being a bit more daring with the lipstick on a daily basis. So here’s my favourite high street lipsticks which all cost way under £5!!

Favourites Under a Fiver!

Budget Bold Lipsticks from the UK High Street

Reviews of the best budget high street lipsticks for bold lips costing under £5 on Hello Terri Lowe, British Beauty Blog.

1. Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick £2.59: The first and only solid lipstick in the top 4 today! This Miss Sporty lipstick is so so amazing for the price tag! It has a lovely scent to it, like melon or something fruity like that and the colour was the exact one I was looking for at the time. I should have done a review for the Miss Sporty lipsticks ages ago really, as they’re all so good! I know it’s a brand aimed at a younger audience, but who cares when the quality is there? And the packaging is pretty sleek too, which steers away from some of their other products on the stand. There are 13 shades available in the range, from light and pretty pinks, to extreme black. The colour which I was after though, was this lovely deep berry shade (39 Berry Me! is the name on the bottom). In one swoop you create a lovely opaque coverage and it leaves your lips feeling super soft and hydrated. It doesn’t have the longest wear time ever, and that probably is a reflection of the price tag, but it still stays on for a good 3-4 hours and even when it does wear off slightly it still leaves a nice subtle pop of colour on your lips.
2. Miss Sporty Hollywood Lipgloss £2.99: I’ve been swatching this in store for MONTHS, but never purchased it until recently, and I’ve gotta say, I regret leaving it for so long. Although it is a more sheer product, it still delivers a good hit of colour and once again, the SMELL! It’s a lovely fruity berry smell, which is utterly delicious in your nostrils. The shade I picked up was 350 Rodeo Drive, which is the brightest red you will find in the tube with a delicate sprinkle of glitter running through it. I usually despise lip glosses, but this one is non sticky, and doesn’t have that whole mid 90’s vibe I often find lip glosses channel. Lip glosses don’t tend to last very long by nature, and this one is no exception. You can probably expect it to last around 1-2hours, but I like to wear it layered over the aforementioned Miss Sporty lipstick and it creates such a beautiful shade. I find when I wear the two together they do tend to last a bit longer than separately too.
3. Romantic Bird 5D Super Lipgloss £1.50: I wrote about this ‘lip gloss’ the other day, and I am still completely amazed by it. I don’t know why it is called a lip gloss though, as it really isn’t glossy at all. It’s a matt finish lip paint if anything. For £1.50 it’s the bargain of the century and I’m going back to my local ‘Bargain World’ to pick up some more! The only issue with this one is REMOVAL! Unlike the other two Miss Sporty lip products which will wear off themselves within a few hours, this one just WON’T COME OFF! You have to crack out like, proper make up remover and everything. Even hours after putting it on! I really love the colour and the texture of this, and you can eat/drink/waffle on for hours before it even begins to show signs of wear.
4. MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer £3.00: Oh the QUEST which it was to find these things! I swear all the Superdrugs in Stoke on Trent are 12 months behind the rest of the world. Alas, I eventually tracked them down and snapped them up. My favourite shade of the range is ‘Funk’ which is a slightly off pink colour, not quite as bold as ‘Criminal’. I’ve been meaning to review the MUA velvet lip colours for a while, but I’m just a bit undecided over all, despite it being one of my favourite lip products so far this year! I love the colour, I love the creamy consistency, I love the matte finish…. I love how long they last overall, BUT after I have a drink or eat anything when I’m wearing it, it wears off on the inner part of my bottom lip! And because the colour is SO bold it looks really weird! Which is a complete pain if you forget to put it in your bag, as no amount of wet bog roll will get the rest off for you. It would be cool if you wanted an extreme ‘ombre’ lip effect, but it’s not quite like that. So yes, amazing product, but if you wear it don’t forget to take it out with you!
Reviews of the best budget high street lipsticks for bold lips costing under £5 on Hello Terri Lowe, British Beauty Blog.
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