Favourites Under a Fiver – Foundation

So, as you know I love a bloody good budget beauty buy. And that’s why I blog most of the time – to share the cheap and cheerful discoveries I cannot help but find along my way in life. It’s almost as though the cheap products find ME sometimes. Or so I like to think, so I have an excuse to buy yet more make up. In my tight and thrifty noggin I just can’t get around the fact that people would spend more than around £15 on a make up item. And spending £15 I often find completely craycray. I mean, I could feed myself and Kitty for 2 weeks for £15! So here’s a new little series I’m going to start on Hello Terri Lowe, which is rounding up my favourite beauty buys which cost under (or around) £5. I guess some people can’t get their head around things being amazing quality and value when they cost so little, the same as I can’t get my head around prices going the high end way! So if you’re not familiar with budget beauty, or if you’re a massive fan and want to read about my own discoveries, you’ll hopefully find these kind of posts useful! So let’s go:

Favourites Under a Fiver

Budget Foundations From the UK High Street!

A review of favourite foundations under £5 on Hello Terri Lowe UK beauty blog. Featuring Miners, Lacura, NYC and W7 foundations.
1. Miners Fresh Faces Foundation £4.99: I regularly receive Miners products through the post, but often neglect them a little. I don’t know why, as everything I have tried it generally pretty amazing for the price tag! The Miners Fresh Faced foundation is a paraben free, mineral based formula which creates a natural, even coverage and works with your own skin tone – which is lucky as it only comes in 3 colours! I find that I can use either the Buff or the Ivory shade and it suits my rather pale face quite well either way. I would say that my skin tone probably sits between the two, but both adapt well and provide a really nice, almost dewy finish. I dust a bit of the Miners Fresh Faced powder over and I’m good to go. I find that I don’t really need a concealer with this combination either! But Miners do sell a Fresh Faced concealer to complete the little pocket friendly range. I see Miners are being the UK equivalent of the budget European brand favourite Essence, aimed a slightly younger audience. But for the price range you will be surprised how much you’ll end up loving their stuff however old you are.
2. Lacura Liquid Foundation £2.49: I reviewed this nearly 2 years ago now (!!), a time before I bothered to even make sure the layout of my text was readable (you can read that awful post here). And I’ve heard of the grapevine (a google search) that this foundation isn’t available any more in Aldi stores, which is a massive shame as it’s most wonderful. In fact, I’m sure this is a lie and I’ve seen it in store more recently, hmmm. I will check that one next time I go to Aldi and pick up some Potatoe Gratin (read: the most delicious creamy potatoey food that has ever graced my tummy). Anyway, although this is 2 years old and a million beauty bloggers are rolling their eyes in repulsion that I still have it, I maintain that this foundation is great. It’s a lovely creamy formula and provides a really heavy coverage. You know, the type of heavy coverage you’d see on a WAG. Just how I like my foundation. Covers all your spots and imperfections and lasts all day. You don’t need a powder to seal it, as it blends effortlessly and leaves you skin with an awesome glow. If you see this, snap it up.
3. NYC All Day Long Foundation £1.99 (regular price £3.99): Snapped up yesterday on my lunch break (read about that little haul in my previous blog post), I tried this NYC foundation for the first time today, and I’m in love already. I love the NYV range, but haven’t tried a foundation before and I’m not sure why! This is a lovely lightweight liquid which provides a medium coverage. I thought I’d be all daring and go without my usual powder dusting over the top to see how long it really does last when use alone. It lasted me an entire work day, although did wear off a little on my forehead due to all the FACEPALMING I generally do throughout my work day. I did use a concealer to cover my blemishes and mid week under eye circles, but I am really really  impressed. It’s currently on offer for £1.99 too!! If you’re a fan of Revlon Colourstay foundation I think you will find this to be an absolutely awesome alternative (and unlike the Revlon Colourstay it didn’t oxidise or whatever on my skin and make me a weird colour like that does either). You can find this in your local Superdrug alongside all the other amazing NYC products. I think I will go back for more whilst it’s on offer.
4. W7 Photoshoot Foundation £2.00: I’m not sure if this is £2 everywhere or the price varies store to store as W7 products seem to be sold in a variety of weird and wonderful places. In fact, the click through link I have used shows it at £2.75 anyway, so looks like I really did pick up a bargain! I got this W7 foundation from the ‘bargain’ store in Tunstall, which is my local little town. A very odd place. I have blogged about this before (click), although not in great detail, and I loved it from the moment I used it. It’s one of those foundations where you literally cannot believe how amazing it is and wonder why everyone hasn’t got it and you haven’t heard of it before. Ok, that’s may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but seriously. This stuff, for that price, it’s magical. It provides a lovely, lightweight, flawless finish which makes your skin look so fresh and even it’s amazing. I may be wearing rose tinted glasses a bit though, as the price tag just doesn’t reflect the amazingness of the product. I buy it in ‘buff’ and find it the perfect match for my skintone and it lasts all day long. The only downside is the glass bottle, it certainly makes it feel like it’s worth more than it is, but you end up wasting a lot of product because you can’t get the last bits out of the bottle, but you know what? For 2 flaming quid I can live with that bit of wastage!
I suppose it’s all well and good me talking about these foundations, eh. But what you want it some swatches isn’t it? I know you can’t wait for the SWATCHES!! So here they are. From left to right you will find them in the same order as the picture above. As you can see the Lacura one seems dreadfully dark compared to the other 3, but I forgot to add that I generally use this in summer months when I develop my Jamaican tan (snarf) and it’s a much more suitable colour match then, hence why it has lasted me so so long. I also unwittingly ordered the foundations in order of creamyness, with the Miners being the thicker of the formula’s progressively becoming thiner as the swatches go on – but each one provides such a great coverage! I can’t stand a ‘light’ coverage foundation as it simply doesn’t disguise my years of spot prone skin, and each of these I find suitable for my skin type and doesn’t break me out or dry my skin.
A review of favourite foundations under £5 on Hello Terri Lowe UK beauty blog. Featuring Miners, Lacura, NYC and W7 foundations.

Are there any other budget foundations for under £5 I need to review??
What reviews would you like next on my blog? Lipsticks? Mascara’s? Moisturisers??