Guest Post: Kitty’s New Alessi Bowl

Today I am passing the blog over to my flatmate Kitty. Kitty is a 4 year old black and white feline who just loves the finer things in life. From waking up at 3am with the sole intention of knocking things off shelves and surfaces, to meowing until her throat hurts for attention; Kitty really knows how to live. As she is a house cat living in a first floor flat, Kitty needs a special treat now and again. This months treat came in the form of a sparkly new Alessi cat bow. Courtesy of her owner and bezzy mate Terri Lowe. 

Meow Meow. Hello, I’m Kitty! I live with my beautiful owner Terri, and I love it! She let’s me play with alllllll my toys all day and only annoys me for about half an hour a day when she gets home from work. My favourite toy is my big grey rat from Ikea, but I do have a lot of Ikea rats to choose from. In fact Ikea sells my favourite toys to play with and recently I got a really cute frog and a squirrel. Apparently they don’t have a department just for pets in Ikea and I heard a horrid rumour these toys were from the children’s section, which makes me sad as children pull my tail and get their sticky fingers all over my lovely fur. Anyway, meow. My great owner bought be the best present ever today! A purrrrrrrrfect new bowl for me to eat and drink from. Apparently it’s from some really expensive range, some dude called Alessi makes it or something. 
I really like my new Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl. It’s the feline equivalent of owning a Mulberry bag really. – It’s really expensive for what it is, and I can hold all my essential belongings in it, you know, the important stuff like food. I do love my food. Although once Terri tried to give me WHISKERS? Who the hell does she think I am?!?! Some kind of alley cat off the streets? I only eat Felix Sensations. My favourite ones are the tomatoey ones as they remind me of being a kitten and once stealing a big chunk of juicy tomato off a Domino’s pizza! The only thing that upsets me about my new cat bowl is that sometimes the cat on it looks a little cuter than I do. He’s always so damn happy. Cat’s aren’t happy all the time. I particularly get grumpy around mid afternoon and if anyone tries to stroke me I BITE THEIR HANDS OFF. Or at least try too. Terri had to cut my claws the other day because apparently it’s mean to attack her feet at 2am when she’s in bed. Maybe if she stopped fidgeting around like an idiot I wouldn’t HAVE to attack her toes, eh? Some people. I heard you can get this Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl off a place called Amazon. Amazon is a bit rubbish for things like human clothes and interesting make up, so I got treated to my bowl instead. I don’t think Terri will shop on Amazon again though as she got really angry when she was trying to order my new bowl and kept shouting at the computer about delivery or something, she gets angry a lot.

I hope you enjoyed my guest post today. I don’t think my paws can take any more typing though so I won’t be doing any more again for a while. 
Over and Meowt, Kitty xxxx