Lunchtime Lunacy

It’s amazing how quickly you can just blow money isn’t it? Today, on my lunch break, I thought I’d just nip to Superdrug and buy the 2True Mascara I’d sniffed out on the internet as being the most awesome budget beauty buy of the century… But that small journey to Superdrug turned in to an impulse buying bonanza and before I knew it, I only had a few pennies left from the crisp £20 note which was once in my purse. Turned out I just couldn’t resist buying a heap of stuff I didn’t need. But when the prices are so damn good, how can you resist? Not only did I buy the things in this blog post. But I also was guilted in to buying some of that fancy new Mr Muscle cleaner at the tills and impulse bought some chocolate along the way… Whoops.

So the first item I picked up, as I mentioned, was the 2True WOW Mascara. I’d read about this somewhere on some blog where a make up artist had been recommending it to model’s they’d been working with. I’ve never tried anything from the 2True range before, but I often look at the stand and decide that I don’t want anything, not sure why. Their prices are pretty amazing, with an ongoing offer on of 3 for £5, but they do have a ‘pro’ range too which includes this mascara, alongside a few more. I’ve given it a quick go this evening over my existing mascara (bah) and I must say, I was impressed. I can’t wait to try it properly tomorrow morning to see just how good it really is. NYC cosmetics is a budget beauty brand that I do absolutely love and regularly buy from their range, but I’ve never tried a foundation before. I for their ‘All Day Long’ foundation today and loved how the formula swatched in the store. The colour match is perfect for my skin tone and only costing £1.99(!!!) it will do just for work if it’s not over all a great foundation. Alongside the foundations on offer was an old favourite in the form of the NYC Applelicious gloddy lip balm, for £1.49. I’ve bought this before and absolutely love the formula, finish and smell. I thought I’d picked up the nice red shade I’d had before, but turned out I got it a little wrong and this one in ‘apple blossom’ is a very sheer and delicate colour. Oh well, just an excuse to buy another one I guess! Drat. I also picked up the Palmers Shea Butter formula handcream. Recently I’ve had a really sore bit on my thumb and my hands have been so dry. I always eye up this handcream in store but never actually buy it. Today they had a 3rd off the full price thought so what better time to invest. I think this was about £1.49 and it smells amazing. Not to mention it’s super moisturising and lovely. Also really friendly for problematic dry and dermatitis prone skin.
I popped across to Boots next. But the Boots in the town where I work is so tiny and rubbish it never sells anything interesting, so off I went to Savers instead. I don’t really go in to Savers much as I always forget it exists and there isn’t one in Stoke anywhere (I work in Cheshire).  The first thing that caught my eye was these complete rip offs of the Macadamia Oil Shampoos! For  A POUND! I’ve had a quick look at the ingredients compared to the *real* Macadamia oil shampoo I have (which retails for around £15-£20) and the similarities are interesting. Although not the same formula by any stretch of the imagination, I will probably do a follow up post about the comparisons! 
Also for £1 I picked up two ‘Natural World’ hair oils – one was a Keratin based on, the other is Argan Oil. I’ve not tried these or looked at the ingredients yet, but I will include them again in the follow up post about the shampoo and conditioner. I often do find that cheaper oils compliment my hair more than the ‘purer’ more expensive versions. Whenever I use a purer hair oil it seems to sit on my hair and look/feel dreadful no matter how little I use, so it will be interesting to see how these fair. Especially with my extensions! I read recently that I should be using silicone based hair products on my extensions too, so who knows, maybe these cheapo oils will be full of the (usually, apparently, evil) stuff.
And finally, in Savers again I picked up the Garnier Micellar water. Yet another Micellar water that everyone and their cat has been harping on about. This was definitely one of those things I bought just because of the price being so cheap compared to Boots! In boots it was £4.99 I think. In Savers it’s £2.99. I still don’t quite get or like Micellar Waters. I do have some and I do use them, but do people actually use this as their only make up removal/face cleansing product? I just tried to clean my face with it and it took 3 cotton wool pads and my face still didn’t feel clean so I washed it anyway! I do like having Micellar Water’s ‘in’ though, as I often use them after washing my face, or in the morning’s for a quick freshen up. First impressions are that it’s a little nicer than the L’oreal version though, removing make up easier and I also like the generous bottle size for the price. 

Have you picked up anything you don’t need but impulse bought lately?