Mineral Oils ARE Bad Mmmkay?

It’s not very often that I take advice from ‘beauty guru’ types. Or people who preach about skin care, or people who are all snobbish when it comes to products and ingredients. Mineral Oils are such a product where people told me they were bad and I went and used them anyway. It all started when I bought the L’oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil a while ago (you can read that post here). I praised this SO much when I first discovered it – it removed make up so well and kept my spots at bay and I even mention in that first post some concerns over the use of Mineral Oils., but still continued to use it… Alas, a few months later I discovered why mineral oils were bad; despite my initial positive experience.
You’re probably wondering why I’m showing the picture of my manky bathroom wall with what appears to be a streak of something gross on it. That streak of grossness is the L’oreal Cleansing Oil. I cannot for the life of me get rid of it. I’ve tried everything. This to me, just demonstrated what this stuff does to your skin – it sits there and forms a layer. I know there are many reasons for and against using mineral oils and lot’s of technical hoo-har I have no idea about. But after using the cleanser for a few months I found that my pores had turned GREY. Like, actually grey. The reason for this is because the mineral oil was building up a layer on my skin which trapped crap within my pores. Whilst I didn’t get any more spots than usual  (maybe a few less) and my skin wasn’t dry or horrid in any other ways, the greyness of my pores was something I hadn’t experienced before. It also made my face quite shiny, meaning make up wouldn’t last as long as it usually would. Taking in to account the mess it’s left on my wall which cannot be cleaned off, I think the rest of this bottle is destined for the bin.