Soap & Glory Scrubs: The Good, The So-So and The Greasy

Soap and Glory – The brand that some people think can do no wrong! I have my fair share of Soap and Glory products floating around the bathroom, and overall I find them a pleasant brand. I love the smell of a majority of their products and most of the skin care I have tried I have loved, or grown to love. The Peaches and Cream cleanser for example is a product I have recently started to like, after initially finding it was awful, breaking me out in spots and not being too great. But now I find that it’s wonderful as part of a cleansing routine, teamed with a Nip & Fab cleanser, and my skin is the best it has been for years right now. I recently realised that I have 3 Soap and Glory body scrubs. You know you’ve got way too many products in your bathroom when you don’t even realise you have duplicates of what is essentially the same thing in a different packaging. They’ve all been accumulated over a few years in various gift packs, but despite all being body scrubs they are all completely different. It does boggle my mind how many versions of the same thing Soap and Glory produce, I think I’ve always assumed they just did one of each thing, turns out I’m pretty wrong….

The absolute WORST of the bunch is the Sugar Crush body scrub. This smells quite delicious, like lime and brown sugar, but the consistency is VILE. Like a greasy blob of goop with hard bits in. It doesn’t really scrub your skin, just smooths a load of goo over your skin with a few odd bit’s of seeds or some shit in it. I don’t find that it does anything apart from leave me feeling like I’ve showered with a stick of lard or something. I’m using this just for the sake of it in the shower at the moment and can’t wait to see the back of it. I would throw it away, but it would be a shame to throw something that smells so good in the bin really.


My favourite of the trio is Pulp Friction. It’s creamy, it’s exfoliating and it smells so nice. Like a really creamy scent which gets at the back of your nose and makes you want to eat it. Pulp Friction actually makes you feel like you’ve washed yourself, as it foams slightly, and it also leaves your skin feeling really soft and supple. I love using this before I use a bit of fake tan as it helps me to not have the dreaded orange knee’s whilst also making me feel lovely and clean. Some might find the bits in this a little bit too harsh though, so be gentle with it if you’ve not used it before and don’t get over zealous with the scrubby dub dubness. I find the scent for this does last the longest on my skin, post shower time, and it’s the kinda smell I likessss.

The So-So out of the three is The Scrub of Your Life. This has the classic Soap and Glory scent to it that you will *know* when you smell it. And it’s an OK body scrub, but nothing special. It does what it says on the tin, and it’s fairly gentle on the skin as far as scrubs go, but I probably wouldn’t buy it again. You can generally get body scrubs on a par with this one for a much cheaper price. But y’know, if anyone was to give me some for free I wouldn’t refuse it. It’s just nowt to write home about I guess! It has tiny pink beads in a gel like formula, It doesn’t really foam up, but it’s not a greasy grossness like the Sugar Crush scrub.

What do you reckon of Soap and Glory scrubs?

Or their other products for that matter! I find for every two good things there’s one poor product.

Buy Soap and Glory online at Boots here.

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Becky Smith

I've only recently discovered Soap & Glory but I have tried quite a few of their products now. I've got a Boots extra points coupon for Soap & Glory so have been looking at what I might want to try out next and you're right about how many versions of the same thing they have! I'm actually getting really confused because all the packaging looks pretty much the same to me and now I'm not sure what I've already tried and what I haven't tried yet!

Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

Beauty's Bad Habit

Aw I'm sad that the Sugar Crush one is so bad, I love that scent and was planning on buying it – thanks for the heads up! Maybe mix a load of sugar in it to make it more scrubby?

Emily Thorpe

I've got three different Soap and Glory body butters in my bathroom- I don't understand why they keep reinventing the same products!

Emily Thorpe

I've got three different types of Soap and Glory body butter in my bathroom- I don't understand why they reinvent the same products!

Kimberley Johnson

Great post! My faves are Flake Away or the Breakfast Scrub.. you've gotta love Soap and Glory! I'm not so keen on Sugar Crush but that's just because the scent doesn't really appeal to me.. it's a great exfoliator, though.

Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog


Why is it so hard to find a body scrub that actually does anything? I hate when they use little seeds or beads that do bugger all. Pulp Friction is my favourite too. I love the smell of their Breakfast Scrub but it gave me a massive horrible rash! xx

Amy Keeling

I'm a huge fan of Soap and Glory but that doesn't mean I like everything, Hand Food for example I really struggle to get along with, the same goes for the foot cream they do. I've only tried Scrub of Your Life that you've featured here and I thought the same about it as you to be honest, it was nice but Garnier do a yellow scrub which is cheaper.

Wouldn't mind trying Pulp Friction though! Have you ever tried The Breakfast Scrub? I adore that, it smells so good!

Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing