The £3 Hair Care Routine

Gosh. I’ve been on a rayt budget beauty binge just lately. I blame boring lunch times and the false pretence that I have a bit of money, when actually I’m broke. Alas ye! What is the good of buying new things if I cannot blog about them eh? I’ve literally just washed me hair, ready for my date with Beyoncé in Manchester tomorrow, so thought it would be a good time to share my new £3 hair care routine with y’all this evening. Yup, that’s right – £3 to take your locks from greasy to glossy, in 3 steps as well with these little beauties I recently found in Savers.

The £3 haircare routine on Hello Terri Lowe. Looking after red dip dye hair extensions with budget beauty buys!

Now I know what you’re thinking… ERMAHGGERDDDD, they totes ripped off that uber expensive Macadamia Natural Oil Range of hair care with that shampoo and conditioner. And you’re not wrong. Not wrong at. All. The ‘Madadamia Oil Extract’ shampoo and conditioner from Savers echoes the real Macadamia Natural Oil range no end. They even stole the swirly design and shape of the bottle. I do love this shape of bottle though, despite it looking like some kind of salad dressing bottle. As stupid as it sounds, it’s a really easy shape to just grab in the shower. But alas, it’s what on the inside that counts. And when the original shampoo sets you back around £12-£15 (I’m sure that’s come down in price a LOT since the last time I bought it) and this one costs a mere £1 it’s always worth a try to see what happens. I’ve pictured the ingredients for both below so you can take a little looky for yourself to see what’s what. I’m no expert on technical names for things, but at a quick glance you will find there are some very similar ingredients in both. The Macadamia Oil which both products sell their ranges based upon are roundabout the same place in the lists on both, and usually the ingredients are listed in order of highest content to lowest. So y’know. That’s my 2 cents on the whole thing anyway. When you smell both of the shampoo’s together, they do smell different. The cheaper version has a more subtle scent, but one that reminds you of the original. The colour of each is also different, as the alternative to the original is white, instead of the golden creamy colour you’ll be used to. The consistency is exactly the same though in my opinion, although the Macadamia Oil Extract shampoo does foam up a lot quicker and easier….. But enough of the boring stuff. Does the alternative to the *real* Macadamia Natural Oil Shampoo work the same as the original? 

In a word – Kinda. When I first started using the Macadamia Natural Oil range, the shampoo was the stand out product for me. Even more so than the conditioner, which I find really weird, as shampoo’s are not usually the moisturising element of my haircare routine. But with the original Macadamia Natural Oil stuff I can just use the shampoo alone and get a really lovely, soft result from it (although I don’t do that often as it makes my hair feel a bit too lightweight, uhmmm but that’s just me being a bit weird I guess?) When using the Macadamia Oil Extra shampoo alone I don’t get the same results, BUT if I use the shampoo and the conditioner I end up with a really similar result. My hair is soft, silky and I can’t believe how much easier it’s been to comb when wet compared to the shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using before (the fancy new Elvive one to make your hair thicker FYI). However, again this leaves my hair feeling a little too light weight. I don’t like feeling products in my hair, but I like to know it’s there?! I’m not sure I’m explaining this properly though. I guess if you think about how your hair feels when it’s flyaway… But without the static element. That’s how my hair feels when using either just the original shampoo or this shampoo and conditioner. It’s easily solved though by the final element of my new budget hair care routine with the Natural World Brazilian Keratin oil.

This stuff works a treat, but if you wash your hair in the evening you will find by the morning you get a better result. In the evening I wash my hair with the above £1 a pop shampoo and conditioner, then smooth this hair treatment oil through (which also costs £1, we’re doing some good maths here, hence it being a £3 hair care routine). When I first blow dry my hair, it feels smooth and soft, but doesn’t look as smooth and soft as it does after a little beauty sleep. In the morning, my hair remains straight with no kinks in it and looks super smooth! I’m not sure of any of the benefits of using these £1 lotions and potions in the long term, or how well they protect your hair over time. But for me, right now, they work pretty darnnnnn well. I know the first ingredient of the oil is another fancy name for Silicones, which some people like to avoid in hair care products, but I probably should of mentioned at the start that I have extensions in with my natural hair. I was recently reading a blog post from Dirty Looks about using silicone products on hair extensions to make them last longer. So thought I’d give it a whirl to keep them looking fitter for longer. In the short time I have been using this routine I have noticed a massive decrease in tangled knots at the back of my hair – huzzah! So a £3 success if there ever was one. But around once a fortnight I will probably use a cleansing shampoo and routine to avoid product build up.
Will you be trying my £3 hair care routine??