Aldi Lacura Face Oil

By now you probably know that I love my budget beauty and I love Aldi beauty products. I couldn’t really say what the best Aldi Lacura products are, as each product I’ve tried I’ve really really liked. Because the range is rather limited, only giving you the option of one product for one use (like most of Aldi’s departments) I think this makes them really work hard to make sure that the one product they do sell is exceptional. I spotted the new Lacura Face Treatment oil over on the Aldi website as one of their weekly deals. Costing just £3.99 it seemed a bit pricey for Aldi, but when compared to other facial oils price tags, it’s actually very reasonable. I love a good face oil, and the ones I’ve tried I have loved. But my favourites always cost so much, so when I get sniff of an affordable alternative to expensive facial oils I am more than willing to give them a whirl.
A review of the Aldi Lacura Facial Oil. A budget beauty moisturising oil with for a brilliant price.
I bought the Aldi face oil for dry skin. There were two varieties but my skin tends to boarder on the dry side so thought this would be most suitable. Boasting Macadamia Nut and Argan Oil, it seems to be everything you need to replace your regular cream based evening moisturiser. I find that face oils keep my spots at bay and moisturise adequately on their own, so when I use a product like this I don’t tend to use anything else. I don’t know if that is the *right* thing to do, but it’s what works for me. I’ve been using the Aldi oil for around a week and I must say, it’s pretty darn good. The scent reminds me somehow of those orange cream chocolates you get in a tin of roses? And the consistency of the oil itself is spot on. It’s not too runny and it’s not too thick. It’s easily absorbed and gives a nice dewy glow, although I probably wouldn’t use it in the day time under foundation as I find that doesn’t suit my likings much. My only criticism of the Aldi Facial Oil review is that the bottle makes it a little bit awkward to get the oil out in the first place. You kind of have to shake it in to your hand to get enough to cover your face. I would much prefer a pump mechanism which means I could just put a few drops on to my fingers tips.

A review of the Aldi Lacura Facial Oil. A budget beauty moisturising oil with for a brilliant price.
Overall though, a banging budget facial oil at a perfect price if you’re after a good quality product which you haven’t tried before!

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mia woo

great price but in terms of ingredients list.. nothing special and you can find macadamia seed oil on ebay or amazon pretty same price..

Andy Millward

I think for the price this looks really good! Their serum also looks interesting. Considering the price point, the ingredients are quite good. Packaging is expensive to buy though Terri, so for £3.99 just be grateful it doesn't come in a plastic bag………you with your fancy pump dispensers LOL


Ohh I have been wanting to try a face oil for ages now but refused to spend ridiculous amounts on one. This looks perfect, good find x


Get it while you can as the specials go very quickly. Great review.