Eye of the Tiger… Or Leopard… Or Dalmatian. Whatever.

Well someone’s been off the radar a little this week ain’t they? Not like anyone noticed or missed me, wah wah wah. (Joking, of course). I’ve had such a busy week or two at work and when I get home I literally just want to veg out watching E4 and not do anything productive at all. But then that gets annoying when, by Friday, I realise I’ve not tidied all week and am literally wallowing in my own mess (which happens to be piles and piles of beauty products and clothes). When I finally got a chance to go to Asda and do a bit of a food shop, I noticed that the George section had a sale on – huzzah! And they had this amazing animal print dress in the sale for £3! Yes. THREE POUND. (Although the website says it’s £7, but that’s still a bargain).
I almost bought this a few weeks ago, for the full price of £14, which I found was a pretty reasonable price anyway. But I left it where it was because I just wasn’t sure when I’d wear it. But when I found it for £3 I obviously couldn’t resist. Unfortunately they only had one size 12 and the rest were all size 18/20’s, so I picked up the 12 and it’s a touch too big. However, nothing that a belt doesn’t fix! I always love slouchy, loose fit, tunic type dresses, but they do tend to make me look a bit bigger or fit a bit weird, so I just wrap a belt around a it’s good to go. I think I was drawn to this particular dress because it’s just a bit different for something you’d find during your weekly food shop?! The neon yellow piping down the side is a bit odd, but somehow works?

I also appreciate the longer looser fit arms on it. I know like a bazillion ladies out there, that arms can be a bit of a sensitive issue. And if you even glance at mine I go in to a fit of self consciousness. I think this is mainly due to an ill planned tattoo I had when I was 16, but we won’t talk about it. I’m just drawing attention to my hang up’s now. But yes, a loose fit sleeve is hard to come by. I don’t understand why garments with more flattering sleeves aren’t a bigger thing as it’s kind of a common thing for ladies to be concerned about their bingo wings isn’t it? I’m not too sure what the animal on the dress is actually meant to be, I think it’s a leopard, but it could be a cheater, or maybe a panther. Either way it’s a feisty feline and I like it a lot. Oh, wait, the website says it’s a cheater, OKAY.

For the first time since October, I’ve given myself the day off from wearing BOOTS too. Now that spring is in the air I’m letting my legs breathe and it don’t half feel weird! I bought these shoes from Primark after getting the headsup on Instagram from Chloe and Hayley. I’ve wanted some since last summer but didn’t want to pay loads for them and didn’t know what to type in to eBay to get them cheap from a Chinese seller! Alas,  time has been kind and this year you can grab them in Primark for £14. If you can find them in stock that is. Mine were from the Manchester store and they had loads. I do absolutely love them, but I feel really dressed up wearing them in the day as I never wear shoes with any height during daylight hours! I know they look quite casual, but they don’t feel it. But I guess that’s just me being odd.
Anyway, that was kinda boring.
How has your week been?