Simple Nails With Sinful Colors

Sinful Colours nail varnishes are something that I’ve been meaning to blog about for AGES, but alas, always kind of forget. I first discovered them in Poundland around 2 years ago. I liked their bottle and the one I bought was ‘Call You Later’, which is the most glittery green you ever did see. It was a few months later that Boots started to stock them and the world went MADDDD. And for £1.99 a pop, even at full price, they are an awesome product. Their colour range is impressive and you will find around 70 shades on the special stand in store. In Poundland though, they sometimes have American imports which you find aren’t on the stand, like Pearl Harbour, which is the glittery one in the selection below.  The other two shades I picked up are available in Boots and the blue one is called Sweet Nothing, whilst the lilac one has an equally as sickly name, Candy Coated.

Sinful Colors Nail polishes review on Hello Terri Lowe, UK beauty blog.

I must say, from experience of around 7 different shades from Sinful Colors, I do find the formula can be a little hit and miss, alongside the lasting power being just as temperamental. Although saying that, when they are good (which is more often than not) they are GOOOOOOOD. Take these three for example. I find them hard to pick off, even when layered up like I’ve done below. This picture has been taken after around 3 days of wear and there’s hardly any chips or picks. Drying time is also a little erratic when it comes to Sinful Colors too, I’ve found. With the shade Cinderella being the most ridiculously long and unsatisfying one I’ve tried yet. The colour is amazing and has a lovely sheen to it, BUT the formula itself it very sheer and takes ages to dry. With these 3 however, I’ve no complaints! It’s hard to capture the lovely glitter which Pearl Harbour contains, but it’s an amazing blue toned iridescent glitter and packs a delightful punch of shimmery goodness in only one coat. 

Sinful Colors Nail polishes review on Hello Terri Lowe, UK beauty blog.
And before some weirdo trolls me for not having very nice cuticles or whatever, I forgot to get my diploma in being a professional manicurist during the time I flunked out of that degree in Rocket Science. 

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Jane Barker

I love sinful, but a word of warning. ALWAYS use a basecoat, especially with the teal like shades. Even then you can get staining but without a basecoat it took 4 weeks to get rid of a teal coloured Sinful called ironically 'savage'. At one stage I had my fingers in bleach.
I've got hundreds of bottles of polish and the only brand I have come across that consistently stains like this is Sinful.

Amy Keeling

The range of shades from Sinful Colours is impressive! My local Boots did have a stand when they originally launched but that has since disappeared and never returned which annoyed me quite a bit as I had my eye on some shades. I personally would like to give some of these a try, I like the teal shade you have.

Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing