Solita, Manchester

I absolutely love finding new places to eat in Manchester, and despite often favouring my favourite eatery in the form of Taco Bell for a nice, cheap Quesedilla, I do sometimes branch out in to the many, MANY other restaurants. And god damn, there’s a lot of goodness to choose from… But today we opted for Solita and I write this review of Solita in Manchester on my foody death bed. I’m currently still so full to the brim with deliciousness that I’m ready to never, ever, eat again…. But that isn’t a bad thing. Oh no. The reason I am so full is because of this bad boy…. (Vegetarians, look away now)

places to eat in manchester, solita manchester review
Introducing the ‘Widowmaker’. No Photoshop has been used to accentuate this 24 inch (yes, TWENTY FOUR INCH) hot dog from Solita – the most satisfyingly meaty place in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. I literally ordered this JUST to look at how large it could possibly be. Yes, I know the menu says 24 inches… But could a hot dog REALLY be 24inches long? That’s TWO foot long subways in size,  but in a more meaty and delicious format.

places to eat in manchester, solita manchester review
The answer, as you may have guessed is that yes, yes a hot dog really CAN be 24 inches long, as stated on the menu. And not only was I served the best hot dog I have ever eaten, but it also came with ALLTHEEXTRAS.  The all beef hot dog had the flavour of a regular hot dog without the horrid salty element alongside the knowledge that it’s full of lips, snouts and feet, which made it even more satisfying. The smoked brisket chilli was a mighty meaty slap in the face on top of the sucker punch of MEAT the hot dog itself delivered, topped with crispy bacon, slaw, jalepenos, cheese and the rest, it was enough to feed a family of four for an entire week. Especially when you take in to account that the Widowmaker hot dog at Solita is also served with the most divine fries you ever did taste.
If hot dogs aren’t you thing though, Solita do pride themselves on a pretty awesome selection of burgers too… Like the one below for example, which is aptly named  ‘Once in a Lifetime’… I’m not sure why it’s named that though, as you could pretty much eat these every day for the rest of your life time because it’s so delicious. Yes, I’m one of those people who HAS to steal food off other people’s plates. And when it’s a pulled pork, buttermilk chicken, beef patty and onion ring PARTY ON A BUN, how could I not? I also scooped off some of those awesome sweet potato fries, oh my. 
places to eat in manchester, solita manchester review
I can’t really explain Solita’s awesomeness more than this, both physically and verbally, as my fingers are now chubbier than that hot dog up there due to over indulgence. But if you’re ever in Manchester I urge you to give this place a whirl. The prices are probably a little more than you’d like to pay for a burger but the exciting combinations and super star service make it all worth it, and I’m going to be back…. Just as soon as this hot dog is digested. 

Go drool at the Solita menu here.