Mah Fresh Weave

It seems like I’ve been banging on about my ombre hair extensions like it’s some kind of new fangled miracle which you all just adore hearing about for weeks now – and it seems that way because I have! I can’t get enough of my new found obsession and so far I’ve tried clip in dip dye extensions and micro loops. When the miracle makers at Beauty Works got in touch a few weeks ago to see if I’d like to have some hair extensions professionally fitted I did a dance of pure joy in my seat. It was a dream come trueeeee. Having previously fitting my hair extensions at home, I can’t exactly say I’m a DIY hair extensions expert and I’m pretty sure I was doing it all wrong and hair dressers would recoil in disgust if I ever showed them how I attached them… But hey, they looked good, right? And that was all that mattered… Until now though, where I have an actual weave attached in and am basking in the goodness that is securely fitted dip dye extensions!
Beauty Works red ombre dip dye hair extensions on Hello Terri Lowe, UK beauty blog.
To expand on what I mean by ‘securely’ fitted extensions, the weave is attached via a sewn in method. The stylist and all round hair magician Jason Meacher did the job by braiding in ‘corn rows’ close to my scalp (blergh, I hate that word!) and sewing the rows of hair in with a needle and thread. The whole process took around 45 minutes all in all, and I was a little nervous as I was having them fitted in front of crowds at the Pro Hair Live event in Manchester! But alas, I was in good hands, and I also got to learn about the process from Jason answering many questions from intrigued passers by. For example; the braid which has been tightly braided across my scalp (shudder) is done by incorporating a synthetic hair in to it. This means that there is no need to secure the braid with a little bobble or anything, as when heated the synthetic hair shrinks and holds the plait safely in. The addition of synthetic hair also reduces the pull on my own hair and reduces any damage that may be caused by erm, having a wod of hair sewn in right next to your head! The synthetic hair takes the fall from any pulling or tension which may occur from the weight or general styling/brushing of the hair. So already a completely different method to how I was attaching the extensions before, and unlike micro beads where I had to tighten them every 3-4 days or whenever I brushed my hair a little too vigorously, the sewn in extensions are extremely more secure and take a lot let maintenance from that perspective.
before and after beauty works extensions
As you can see, the colour match to my own hair is pretty spot on! The ombre hair extensions which Beauty Works used were  from their ‘Ombre Only’ range and are a whopping 18” in length! I’ve not had hair this long since I was about 4! The stylist gave them a sneaky trim to blend them in with my own hair and I’m still currently experimenting with the whole styling thing. I generally do nothing to my hair and before I was wearing extensions I didn’t even blow dry it! In the ‘before’ picture that is my hair with nothing at all done to it. I don’t straighten it, but it goes naturally very straight and pretty boring. That’s why I dye it red! So it has something of a personality, haha. Now I have long hair though I am loving leaving it with a slight wave and playing around with different tools and products, hurrah! The Beauty Works extensions have also got to be the best quality hair extensions I have ever felt. They are super soft, super natural and even when I went in to Toni and Guy the other day (to buy more products to experiment with, because obviously I don’t have enough ha) the THREE members of staff who spoke to me didn’t even realise 60% of my hair wasn’t real! They were recommending all kinds until I revealed the truth, mwahahaha!

Beauty Works red ombre dip dye hair extensions on Hello Terri Lowe, UK beauty blog.

I’m not going to lie, looking after hair extensions is a bit different to what I’m used to and I am trying to wash my hair a bit less because of it! Mainly because I’m really, really lazy. But alas, because the ends of the hair don’t go ‘greasy’ I now only tend to wash it once or twice a week. Which ultimately means my own hair is becoming a lot better in condition too. I do love the ‘non fresh’ look too, so that kinda helps with the whole lazy thing anyway. I did pick up some more tips on caring for hair extensions from Beauty Works extensions themselves though, and here are their main after care tips:


  • Using sulphate free salon style shampoos and conditioners.
  • Regular use of Moroccan/Argan oil to restore moisture within the hair. 
  • Use a soft bristle brush to keep smooth and tangle free.
  • Apply a restoring/hydrating treatment every 1-2 weeks. 
  • Loosely plait your hair at night to prevent tangling. 
  • I’ve also found the Palmers Strong Root spray a bit of a life saver when it comes to the occasional itch. I find the extensions tend to itch at the root just after I’ve washed it. I figure this is due to the braid remaining a bit damp after my hair has dried. A quick spritz and rub of the strong root spray though and it’s soon sorted out. If you have a weave or sewn in hair extensions I would definitely recommend it to soothe a sore or itchy scalp – or maybe even if you don’t, I still love that stuff, if only for the smell! 

    Beauty Works not only did a mint job of making my hair super awesome, but they also supply hair extensions to individuals on their website and wholesale to salons and shops – so keep a look out for their super quality and super gorgeous hair extensions on your travels. And in case you didn’t guess Beauty Works provided my fancy hair complimentary, because they’re great like that *swishes* but I provided this review of their hair extensions and alllll that gratuitous posing.