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Whenever I’m asked what my weak points are, in job interviews or life, I always tend to be quite honest and say 1. I’m endlessly forgetful and 2. I’m endlessly messy to go with it. I just cannot seem to remember anything! And am forever hoarding notebooks and diaries and my iPad to try and note down important things. I seem to also have this rubbish habit of putting things in a ‘safe place’ and forgetting where that safe place actually is?! I’m sure I haven’t always been like this though, and I’m blaming those years I spent as a Student having to pack up a million boxes and bags at a time and losing my stuff and my marbles at the same time. I think this is why my blog posts are often so erratic with regards to days and times which I write them! I never have a plan of when to blog, it tends to just be when I feel inspired to or can literally fit it in. Working full time it’s a right pain to try and fit in all the other things in life, then to blog about it too!
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For the past two years I’ve treated myself to one of these little Cath Kidston Diaries. I really liked the one I had last year as it had a clear plastic pocket covering it where I could keep important little things like wage slips etc. But alas, this years offering isn’t quite as useful as the 2013 diary, and simply has a button fastening. Which is still good though as the clear covering helps to protect it whilst in my bag! I tend to carry this everywhere with me, as it’s the perfect handbag size. I use my diary mainly for work related notes such as holidays booked off, or pay dates, or little nuggets of importance like birthdays and the like! This Cath Kidstone diary. I bought this from a local bookshop, slightly reduced in price because I forgot to buy another diary to replace last years until mid January – whoops!
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I always find that buying nice new pens or nice new notebooks encourages me to actually utilise them, I know that’s very much a false economy, but it seems to work for about a week! My absolute favourite pens are LAMY pens. There’s just something about a nice pen which instantly makes your handwriting look fancy and erm… practise your signature over and over again (we all do that, right?) I tend to save my Lamy Fountain Pen for special occasions (because I’m sentimental about pens like that?!) and use it to write cards and notes to people I like. My Lamy Rollerball Pen I keep in my bag with my diary, as I like to keep it all looking neat and tidy in there, to encourage me to actually look at it now and again! The Rollerball pen is made from Aluminium so it’s nice and heavy. I like having heavy things in my bag so I know it’s there and less likely to lose it. I got these from the same local bookshop as I bought my Cath Kidston diary, but you can pick them up in places like Debenhams or John Lewis. I went for a good while thinking that Rotring Tikky Graphic pens were my favourite pens in the world, but LAMY have taken their title away… Is this pen snobbery a bit weird?
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Anywayyyy…. I was sent some amazing stationary recently from Santoro, which features this cute little grumpy owl! I absolutely love owls, so was so pleased to receive a selection of Santoro Stationary with this little grumpt on (full post on those bad boys coming soon!). I’ve been keeping this Grumpy Owl Cloth Notebook by my bed for those ideas you have when you’re just drifting off, or when you know you need to remember something in the morning. I don’t get it as much anymore, but when I was at uni doing my Crafts degree, I’d always get the most amazing ideas for my next piece when I was drifting off to sleep, and having something to jot it down on before you nod off is essential! Although granted, nowadays it’s a bit less exciting than ideas for some new jewellery I’m making that I need to write down – it’s more likely to be something like ‘don’t forget cat litter’ or possibly an idea for a blog post if my brain is in the creative rather than grown up sensible cat lady zone.

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And finally, my iPad has been a saviour when it comes to actually replying to emails!! I’m so useless at replying to emails sometimes, but mainly because I will read them on my phone as I’m out and about and just forget to go back on to gmail when I’m on the laptop. With my new baby blue iPad case* from The Snugg, I’ve been able to throw my iPad in my handbag (okay, maybe not literally throw), safe in the knowledge it’s going to be protected with the thick leather covering. I did have an iPad case from Asda originally (from a brand called ‘trendz’ I think) but I found after about 3 outings the corners were already becoming tatty and worn and the actually window where the iPad was placed became a bit stretched and didn’t hold the tablet in place properly. Well, there’s been no such problems with The Snugg iPad case! You can tell it’s really good quality just from the feel of it and not only that, but it’s pretty much in my favourite colour ever too. Now I know my iPad isn’t going to get wrecked in my bag, you can actually expect an email response from me as soon as I hear the little beep as it’s nowhere near as awkward to reply to people on as my phone is, yipee! 
How do you keep yourself organised?
Any tips for productivity?!