Simple Style #1: The Floral Dress

Simple Style #1: Floral Dress. Outfit of the Day fashion blog post featuring £5 shoes, floral dress and Great Plains Satchel bag on Hello Terri Lowe.
Shoes*Dress Bag
Sometimes life is a little too busy to crack out the self timer and do some gratuitous posing. So here’s my latest way to get some fashion blog posts done in a more timely and efficient manner! I’m going to just called these posts ‘Simple Style’ and it’s pretty self explanatory….
I absolutely adore this floral dress I picked up from the Car Boot sale the other week. It’s such a flattering style and I feel so fancy in it. I thought the tight design of the neck would be a bit uncomfortable at first, but the soft white collar sits nicely without feeling too tight. Although I can’t guarantee your local boot sale is going to have the same selection of bargains, I can tell you that this exact dress is available at So In Fashion for £28, which is still actually a pretty fair price considering how lovely it is! I’m not usually one for wearing heels in the day time, but these Lace Up Desert Boot style heels from Just For 5 Pounds are so freakin’ comfortable they’re perfect for work. I’m pretty shocked with the quality of these shoes for £5, as I chose them thinking they’d just be alright for the occasional night out or something during warmer months, but they have a really comfortable rubber heel and deep tread on the bottom which just makes them look and feel like they cost so much more. If you look on the website too you will actually find these real leather ankle boots for £5 too, which apparently are still on sale in Office for over £50! The cute little satchel bag was from Great Plains aaaaages ago, but it’s the perfect size for ‘out and about’ as it’s not too big and not too small. I didn’t realise until recently that Great Plains is actually a sister brand for French Connection either. It’s always nice to know a bit of background on a company I think, but that might just be because it’s a bit of a novelty to know that there’s more to garments than just being mass produced in a factory in China nowadays.