Little Spring Splashes

spring summer style on uk fashion blog featuring primark and tesco
Ah, there I was trying to not spend any money on anything unesseccary after the whole ‘OMG I BOUGHT SOME ORLA KIELY CLARKS SHOES I COULDN’T AFFORD’ Saga – which I’m kinda too ashamed to blog about just yet, and they’ve been out of the box a total of 3 times so far…. Not because they’re not the most beautiful things in my life, but simply because every time I think about *that* price tag for a pair of shoes (which were *cough* apparently made in China) I get a bit annoyed with myself. But anyway, it seems I had a lapse in remorse and ended up buying even more little bits and bobs to curb my shopping cravings for another week. Don’t worry though, it’s only  a tiny little Primark lapse, oh and a jumper from the sale in Tesco, but alas, some Spring style pretties I just wanted to share. Let’s start with those adorableeeee floral sunglasses. Just bask in their cutesy prettiness. BASK. IN. IT. They were £3…. THREEEEEE ENGLISH POUNDS. And I love them. For some reason I have a growing collection of Sunglasses and I usually get a new pair of leopard print Betsy Johnson ones from TK Maxx every summer, but this year they don’t have them… Alas the void has been filled for a much more purse friendly price. The shape of them is also pretty flattering for my big round face! To go with my new pastel pretty sunglasses I CLEARLY needed a new summer vest top and spotted this one with a lovely floral pattern on in Primark as well. I love the straps on it, especially how the double shoulder straps at the front turn in a nice criss cross design on the back. It’s a really floaty and light material and it’s gonna be perfect for when the sun actually comes out. It was £6 but I could easily have spent around £15 on it if it was in another high street shop, the quality is top notch and the design is guhhhh, lovely. I’d been eyeing up these low wedge strappy black sandals for weeks and weeks and it seems everyone I know has bought themselves a pair, leaving me behind in the ol’ sandal department. I bit the bullet though and finally splashed out the whole £10 on them. They’re not actually as easy to wear as I first thought they would be though and the front of them seems to slope up somehow, making walking a little awkward? Alas, I walk a bit like ‘Mr Soft’ anyway with a bouncy like spring in my step, so maybe this will sort that out, eh? Finally the duck egg blue crop jumper from Tesco; reduced from £18 to £9, just had to be in my life. It was a ‘IT’S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE’ moment when I stroked it as I walked past, and for half price, it was fully justified. Especially when the only other purchase I was making was cat food – which actually cost more than the jumper did! It is a cropped style though, but I always find that cropped jumpers work really well with A-line skirts or simple straight up and down dresses and it so, so softtttt. You can break the rules of fashion by layering this high street beauty over some pretty patterned designer dresses (for an affordable price, from somewhere like TK Maxx) as it’s a nice neutral shade of light pastel blue, or even pop it on with a maxi skirt for a casual day time look.

spring summer style on uk fashion blog featuring primark and tesco
spring summer style on uk fashion blog featuring primark and tesco

What have you been splurging on lately?

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