Simple Style #2: Pastel Pretties

Pastel Fashion Blog Post on Hello Terri Lowe Featuring Jelly Shoes, Pink Shoes and Lace Top
: Sandals – Juju Jelly : Shorts – Matalan : Top – Primark :

Sooooo, another hectic week or two where I once again, make silly excuses not to blog. I’ve been actually living a life FULL OF THE ACTIVITIES this week. I’ve taken up pole dancing – which results in a great deal of bruises alongside the initial embarrassment of ‘body rolling’ in a room full of strangers, and I’ve also visited the theatre because I’m cultured as shit with Miss Charl. We saw Seven Brides For Seven Brothers at the Regent Theatre in Hanley and it was possibly the most bizarre show I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been a fan of musicals but this one just bordered on the bizarre and utterly intense at times. So it was interesting to say the least. And is it just me that every time I see a musical I just have The Who film ‘Tommy’ running through my head? Probably. Right, let’s get back to this week’s Simple Style. There’s something quite therapeutic about creating a pretty little picture of your favourite outfits isn’t there? And this is the perfectly cute combination for when the weather finally gets warm enough to get my legs out properly. At the moment my legs resemble a frozen chicken, in both colour and texture, so I will be cracking out the fake tan any minute now. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s way to chilly out there to wear this yet.

Pastel Fashion Blog Post on Hello Terri Lowe Featuring Jelly Shoes, Pink Shoes and Lace Top

The Jelly shoes are ACTUAL Juju Jelly shoes, which I bought last year from Asos. I know, what a sucker paying the *proper* price for jelly shoes, when this season they are in Primark for £4! It’s ok though, I’ve definitely bagged enough to last the next sunny season… And the one after that, and a few years to come actually. But I must say, these jelly sandals are a little more comfy than the Primark versions. The plastic upper is a lot softer and doesn’t tend to rub as much in the juju’s, which is always a bonus really. I bought these pink textured shorts from Matalan the other week and loveeee how flattering they are for my big ass. They’re more like culottes really (although Matalan have called them a ‘crepe skort‘) as from the front they just look like a cute little pleated skirt.  They are so so comfortable and lovely, but I have struggled to find things to wear them with! But maybe that’s just me not being used to wearing lighter coloured garments on the bottom, because I have this trouble the other day with *that* Primark mint pleather skirt. I think just a plain black vest top will do, but why is it impossible to find one in a nice loose cotton material for a low price, rather than those awful stretchy skin tight things in Primark for a quid? And speaking of Primark again, that’s where this cute lilac lace top is from, which I featured the other day here as well. It’s definitely one of my favourite tops to wear when the sun shows it’s face. Alas though, that’s kinda rare at the moment. Come on sun, pull your frigging finger out.