The Michael Kors Clutch

Michael Kors Jet Set Sky Blue Leather Clutch on British Fashion Blog
Michael Kors Jet Set Sky Blue Leather Clutch* (Buy online here)
There was a moderate amount of excitement when I shared my brand new Michael Kors Clutch over on Instagram the other day, and I was pleased that other people could share the joy of it via social media as soon as I whipped it out of the box! The lovely people at Harvey Nichols sent me this beautiful blue baby, and it’s so much more precious and pretty than it is in pictures in real life; the leather finish has a delicate texture to it, alongside the perfect stitching and perfectly placed branded lettering. The colour is so much more vivid and delicious than it looked online too. In a bold and bright blue, which at first I thought may have been a little tricky to pair with a range of outfits, but after playing around in my wardrobe for a while I found that the colour and style of bag is pretty versatile! The little wrist strap combined with the size makes it really non-awkward (is that the right way to word that?) to wear, as you don’t have the juggling act to hold a drink when on a night out, and you can just slip it under your arm if it’s annoying you dangling around. So here’s what I came up with:
Styling a Michael Kors Clutch, Vintage Dress and Primark Shoes. UK Fashion blog; Hello Terri Lowe
It’s probably some kind of crime against fashion to pair a designer bag with Primark shoes, but with the addition of the vintage dress, I think it works. This dress is one of my favourites and I picked it up from a charity shop years ago… And I’ve been waiting all that time to actually wear it, as the waist is a tiny tiny fit, but alas, all this gym going is paying off and it can now zip up hassle free! Hurrah! It has a really cute floral pattern on which features cherries and houses(?!). These Primark wooden heeled sandals are literally the most comfortable heels I have EVER owned. I can wear them ALL DAY without having a hint of discomfort and they also remind me of Swedish Hasbeens, but for £12 rather than A MILLION POUNDS. I love how the teal/green shades in the dress clash against the blue of the Michael Kors bag – Clashing colours is one of my favourite hobbies.

Styling a Michael Kors Clutch andd white Crochet dress. UK Fashion blog; Hello Terri Lowe
Second up, we go even further down the budget scale for this crochet jumper dress (sorry, not sorry) that I picked up from the Car Boot in Cheshire the other week. It cost a grand total of £2.50 when bought with the other garments, which is completely ridiculous considering it’s a brand new dress with tags on and everything! You obviously do have to wear a slip dress underneath, unless you’re feeling overly confident with your nakedness underneath, but t’s lovely for spring/summer days where it’s really warm but you’re not quite ready to get those bingo wings out. I’ve been wearing gladiator style black sandals non stop this week, and they’re really comfy without leaving your feet too exposed on hot days. Sticking with simple black and white really helps the brilliant blue of the bag pop. Look at me sounding like I know what I’m on about there… Haha.

Preppy dress with Clarks brogues and Michael Kors bag


Finally, for a bit more of a preppy day look I contrasted the blue of the bag against the red of the tartan peter pan collared dress I bought from Ark a while ago (see the original post here) I don’t know if you’ve been in to Ark recently, but they have so many pretty items in I need to sharply exit before I spend all my money on EVERYTHING EVER. They’ve got the best Co-Ords I’ve seen on the high street too… But I digress. Teaming the dress and bag with the perfect pair of Clarks Hamble Oak Brogues it makes for a pretty cute look, if I do say so myself. I think the key to making this bag ‘work’ with a variety of outfits, is to just keep everything as simple as possible – Don’t over accessorize and don’t think too much about which colours go with what! And let’s face it, a bag this beautiful is going to detract the attention away from your outfit anyway, so you could wear it with a neon orange shell suit and still look good.


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