A Beachin’ Holiday Bag

Beach Holiday Essentials Featuring Ann Summers Swimwear!

It’s not all just sexy pants you know….

beach holiday essentials with ann summers on hello terri lowe uk blog.

Summer, summer, summer tiiiimmmeee, time to sit back and un-winnnd.
Although I am not exactly the most well traveled person in the world, and my ‘holiday’ times consist mainly of eating lot’s of food (which is kinda the opposite of what you need to wear a very pretty bikini, huh?) or going to festivals (this year I’m gracing Y Not, Sonisphere and Wireless! Yipee!), I do love the idea of a good laze on the beach wearing as little as possible and dipping my toes in to the freezing cold sea to cool down. When you go to the beach you don’t really need to consider too much really with regards to what you need to wear. I think it goes without saying that an excellent bikini will get you quite far in the world of beachin’ holidays. Ann Summers recently sent me this wonderfully exotic Cuba Multiway Bikini from their swimwear range (which you can see here); a colourful and subtly sexy bit of swimwear which would look perfect on the beach. Alongside the bikini they also challenged me to pack my ultimate beach holiday bag, asking what essentials I would take along! Although most days at the beach are going to be a sunny time indeed, when it the early evening comes you’re going to want some clothing to cover up. I’ve ordered this gorgeous dip dye kimono from Missguided and it’s the perfect garment for throwing on either on the beach or like, every day. I’ve also bought these cute little shorts and lovely silky vest top from Matalan, which are the perfect loose fit, with a simple design, and effortless just to switch your style from beach front to shop front on a sunny day. I’ve bought this style of shorts for about 3 years in a row, and it’s great to see that Matalan have now provided them with pockets! There are fewer pleasures in life simpler than a good garment with some pockets I tell thee.
beach holiday essentials with ann summers on hello terri lowe uk blog.
beach holiday essentials with ann summers on hello terri lowe uk blog.
beach holiday essentials with ann summers on hello terri lowe uk blog.

Other essentials in my beach bag include:

  • Rayban Clubmaster Sunglasses – For keeping your eyes protected and stylish in one foul swoop.
  • Beach Towel – Because keeping sand out of your crevices when relaxing on it is a necessity. And the bright leopard print pattern is perf.
  • Victoria’s Secret Body Spritz – Because no one wants to have talcy armpits or smell like sweaty sweat.
  • Sun Cream and After Sun – I don’t need to stat the obvious do I? For the best bargains in sun screen and after sun products check out shops like B&M and Home Bargains. I love the Hawaiian Tropic ones as they smell the best.
  • Cooling spray – Find this bad boy at Home Bargains and it’ll be the best £1 you’ve ever spent on a hot day.
  • Jelly Sandals – Because who knows what gack, gunk or crunk you’ll end up treading on, especially if you go to Wales or something.

Tips for packing:

  • Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Roll up your clothes instead of folding them, this seems to give you more space and also reduces the chance of creases, huzzah.
  • Plan ahead  – Only pack what you know you will need and try to go for light layers rather than thick, bulky garments, you can always add more layers to an outfit to keep warm if needs be, but you can’t really thin out a woolly jumper.
  • Use Up Your Samples! – Beauty bloggers are notorious hoarders of samples, take them on holiday with you to save space instead of big bulky bottles.
  • Decant Your Liquids – Kind of, does that make sense? Just buy smaller travel size bottles and decant any products you’ll need to also save space, I know not everyone is a beauty blogger with a sample stock. And make sure those lids are screwed on right!
  • Inception Pack!  – Socks insides bra cups inside shoes inside smaller bags. If it fits the next garment sits! This will save you loads of room by rolling and stuffing each item with a hole/gap!
Have you got any more packing tips?
What would you take to the beach this summer?

This post contains PR Samples: Thank you Ann Summers for the beautiful bikini!


    • June 18, 2014 / 6:30 am

      Love a good pattern clash me!

  1. June 17, 2014 / 8:45 pm

    Some seriously gorgeous prints here. and now i want jelly sandals.

    • June 17, 2014 / 8:50 pm

      But are you ready for the jelly? I don't know if you can handle it.