Flowerbomb Perfume For £9.99?

Lol just kidding…. It’s not really Flowerbomb perfume at all.

Zara Dupe For Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume

Almost flowerbomb, but not quite.

UK dupe of Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume - Black Peony from Zara on UK beauty blog.
Did I draw you in with the misleading title then? Oh I bet I did. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb is the hottest perfume on the block isn’t it? And weighing it at around £50 for a 50ml bottle, it really isn’t the cheapest either. I’m not sure why so many people do love it so much, maybe it’s some kind of cult status it has or something, as really it ain’t all that. I find it to be a very pleasant scent, don’t get me wrong. I do like the scent of Flowerbomb perfume, but it’s not something that smells like it’s as luxurious as it should be for that price. For some reason the Flowerbomb scent reminds me a lot of Soap and Glory, even though some would argue they’re nothing alike, I find the smell to be very familiar to the Soap and Glory range for some reason, even though I know they aren’t the same scent of course. It just reminds me of that smell. Anyway, something which DOES smell significantly like Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb is Zara Black Peony. A £9.99 dupe for the classic Flowerbomb scent. It comes in a whopping 75ml bottle, which I actually didn’t realise until I got home as the bottle was deceptively small! So not only do you get the same scent as Flowerbomb for over £40 cheaper, but you also get a bigger bottle too! I don’t generally shop in Zara for clothing as I find it all a bit weird, with regards to both sizing and styles, and the prices seem really erratic?! Some things you expect to be really cheap cost a small fortune and expensive looking items are like, a tenner. But anyway, back to the scent. Granted, the smell doesn’t last quite as long on your skin as the original Flowerbomb does, and you can expect around 3 hours of wear from this cheaper dupe. But for the price can you really complain?? It sounds ridiculous, but I also enjoy the way the bottle squirts the scent out too! It gives a nice big GOOOOSH of a spray in one press. Lovely. For those who haven’t had the mediocre pleasures of smelling Flowerbomb or Zara Black Peony perfume, then expect a refreshing creamy scent of floral pizazz, for fans of rose, orchid and peony scents this is the one.
UK dupe of Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume - Black Peony from Zara on UK beauty blog.