Things I Bought Which I Do Not Need

For some reason, when I have the least money in my bank account, I feel the urge to spend so much more than usual. I don’t really splurge very much, and I don’t generally buy items which are expensive in themselves (well, apart from that little Benefit haul the other day) but I spend little and often and it soon adds up. This week has been no different, and working in a little town where there is not only my favourite bargain shop in the world, Home Bargains, but also a B&M, Savers and multi charity shops to get my THRIFT ON, I can’t resist just buying and buying and buying. Convincing myself I’m not spending much, but actually spending a small fortune in every dinner break. I actually nipped out this lunch time just for an eyeliner. But came back with more, and instead of spending £2.99 on the budget friendly and reliable NYC liquid eyeliner, I ended up parting with around £20 on various other items as well. And here are some of them….

-L’Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly – I really wanted to Casting Sunkiss Jelly review as soon as possible, but I’m booked in to Umberto Giannini again on Saturday to have my colour done after my awesome hair cut last weekend, so I have had to make a promise not to touch any other hair dye inbetween! The Casting Sunkiss Jelly sounds a bit more interesting than it actually is though, so don’t worry. If you remember Sun-In from many years ago, it’s basically the same idea as that, but instead of being a spray it’s a gel based formula. You simply smooth it in to your hair in the places you’d like lighter and go out in the sun or use a hair dryer to heat activate it. You can go up to 5 shades lighter with minimal effort, so perfect for those who are wanting to experiment with a subtle ombre hair do at home! It does say for natural hair only though, which is a slight small print I missed out on. So I’m not sure how effective it will be on dyed hair. Only time will tell!! Although I won’t be actually trying it out properly for a few weeks now at least – sorry!! (This just proves what a suckr I am for new and exciting products doesn’t it!)
JoBaz Caffeine Shampoo – I’ve been eyeing up some caffeine shampoo’s for a while, but they all seem really expensive for something which may not work.  So this one, for £1.99 from Savers seems the ideal introduction to the world of hair stimulating wonder. Saving around £5 on brands like Alpecin, it’s worth a punt and it smells really nice like apples too! I’m not sure if it will make my hair grow faster but at least it will leave me smelling fruity if worst comes to the worst haha.
Got2be Volumising Products – Now I’ve not got my extensions in I’m on a mission to find some styling products to make me feel like I can survive without them. Having my hair extensions in for over a year means that now they’re out my natural hair feels so weeeeirdddd. Even though it’s not that short I feel like it is and even though it’s thick hair it feels so thin! I’ve gone for a souffle like product which will apparently add shine and texture, but I’m a bit scared it will just make it look a bit greasy, I always find that with products like this so why I bought it I don’t know! And secondly I got a volumising spray mousse….  tried this for the first time last night and it’s a ‘so far, so good’ one! It smells delicious like raspberries or something, and hasn’t left my hair feeling sticky or like there’s loads of product it. It’s given it an almost matte texture and defined the cut slightly more. Yay. These cost £2.49 from Savers but aren’t that much more in places like Superdrug either.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse – Using the Benefit Big Easy foundation reminded me of this small post of foundation wonder, which I used to use religiously back in the day. Although the two products are NOTHING alike, it was the way the big easy turned in to a velvety finish that made me have a hankering to revive my love for this foundation, and hey, the 90’s are making a come back after all. Hashtag retro base. I know a lot of people hate this as it can appear drying and look a bit cakey if your skin isn’t in the best condition, but over a shimmering primer like the  Seventeen 3 in 1 highlighting primer it has actually worked a treat as a quick alternative to my regular foundation on weekday mornings before work. And only costing £7.99 it’s a bit better using this cheaper foundation for work rather than my new Benefit one.

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Duo Eyeliner – Finally, the product I went out in search of; a new eyeliner. And I kinda wish I’d stuck to the cheaper NYC alternative to be honest. The ‘brush’ (read; foam like applicator) for this is soooo awkward. It’s meant to be a versatile design which allows you to do either thick or thin lines, but once the liquid eyeliner is on the brush it’s kinda hard to see if you’re applying with the thick or thin side and you end up making a right pigs ear out of a delicate cat’s eye. The formula itself is actually really good though! Just the applicator isn’t my cup of tea. At all.