Busy Busy Bee

Me and Victoria at Leeds last year!
Do you actually just feel like you don’t stop doing THINGS? Like, ALL THE TIME? As a person who totally enjoys my own space and time sitting in my flat with just my cat, I really am outdoing myself with all these activities lately. Although the weekend just gone I didn’t really *do* much (apart from get drunk on the Friday and then die of a hangover all day Saturday!), I just feel like I haven’t had a moment to sit down and relax, doing nothing at all. This week has been pretty hectic again; with work being busy, pole dancing lessons, meals out, people’s birthdays and the like, and once again this weekend I have planned way too much in. You’ll have seen me on Twitter selling a few gig tickets this week – This is mainly because I am, not only very busy, but the world’s worst organiser of time ever too. I booked tickets for The Arcade Fire in Hyde Park on the spur of the moment, not even realising it was on a Thursday… In London. I just got excited when I remembered how awesome they were at Leeds Festival a few years ago, ok! And then I have some tickets to Wireless Festival this weekend. I can’t actually make the Friday or Saturday though because I’m going to Sonisphere!! I will be going to Wireless on the Sunday on the way back from Sonisphere to see my love, Kanye West as well though. I haven’t been to Sonisphere for a few years, and the last time I went as soon as I got there some lad shouted at me ‘IT’S NOT GLASTO, MATE’ because clearly I wasn’t mosher enough with my sensible wellies in the mud, rather than un-sensible vans trainers (newsflash, it’s not 2002 any more). I’m sure when some people look at me they just assume I’m in to Kylie and should be going to see her at The O2 or something instead. Which, you know, Kylie does have some nice songs you can shake your booty too, but she’s more of a guilty pleasure than anything else. Although I guess the good thing about seeing such pop princesses is their wardrobe when they tour! Anyyywaaaay, rude greebs aside, Sonisphere is going to be a blast! It’s my first festival of the year and a nice relaxed one too as it’s only an over night stay from Saturday through the Sunday. The weekend after I *might* be going to Wakestock, which is always on the most beautiful weekend of the year in Wales…. Then in a few months it’s Y Not Festival, and I also won tickets to Leeds!! I was really worried about Leeds, as usually I can swindle a guest pass, but it’s been so tight for them the past few years I never know for sure or not if I can go until the day before the event. But thankfully I entered a competition with Popcorn Outdoor and won a pair! Yay!! So if you see me around awkwardly give me a wave and I will wave back, go dead read and might engage in awkward conversation (depending on how much strongbow I’ve drunk)
So apologies if it seems my blog lately is just blogging about things which are preventing me from blogging properly! I will have a proper catch up soon, promise. 
Buy tickets for Kylie here
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