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Just today I ranting on Twitter about how I dislike that a lot of my blog lately is sponsored/gifted stuff. I know this is a faux pas in the blogging world and that readers often get annoyed when all of the content is from a different source other than the bloggers purse or life. And make no mistake, it’s not half as enjoyable as writing a post from your own inspiration rather than it being a task for a company. I do like the challenge of sponsored posts, such as the microwave one I did here, and when you’ve left education it’s always nice to see them as a bit more of a creative writing kinda thing. The reason you’ve seen little of my ‘own’ stuff on the blog lately is, well, time. As simple as that. I work 40 hours a week, live alone, and have a social life. With the summer months in full swing I’ve been spending less time in this sauna which is my flat and more time out in the big wide world. And not to mention the heat from my laptop doesn’t half make my thighs sweat more. ANYWAY, let’s be candid – The great thing about getting a sneaky sponsored post is that you get to have a sneaky little shop afterwards. Oh, and also get a few PR gifts along the way. Don’t worry, I will disclose what was and wasn’t bought in my little treats below:

This evening I did go a little mad in Primark and got this excellent cat print dress from the children’s section. It’s age 12-13 and although it does fit, it kinda fits in all the wrong places, haha. It’s a really tight midi style dress, but in a stretchy t shirt fabric – not the style of dress you need when you’re a rather significant pear shape. Alas, I’m planning do to a little DIY on it as it was only £6! I’m thinking just a simple cut all the way up the front to make it in to a mid length kinda waistcoat vibe. But if you have any suggestions of what else I can do with it them please let me know! I also picked up two other dresses from the adults section for £5. Both at swing style which is perfect for me, and the printed colourful one is a nice strappy style for summer. You can see it properly on instagram here.

I’m not usually in to band t shirts, or any t shirts to be honest. They just don’t go with anything I own. BUT how could I leave a FLEETWOOD MAC T SHIRT FOR £6 ON THE RAIL? I just couldn’t. Once again from Primark and the perfect style with simple lettering on the front, to ease me back in to wearing band T Shirts. Then we have my new favourite obsession – The Shirt Dress. I bought a yellow one from Primark the other week and then picked up a coral one too, and they are just a dream to wear in this weather. The black and white spotty number above was courtesy of Pysche. I chose it because it was the perfect addition to my new shirt dress collection, but is also going to be perfect for when the summer ends! I’m also pretty ‘psyched’ (see what I did there?) that it’s from Mink Pink. I’ve seen Mink Pink mentioned around blogs for so long and always get envious, so to now own my own perfect dress from them makes me super happy. You can get your mitts on it (in the sale!) online here. And if you’re worried about the shape of shirt dresses going a little wide around the hips, then it’s nothing that a thin belt won’t solve, which will add more of a shape to the dress.

I was also sent this pretty darn amazing COWBOY WELLIES (yes, you read that right) from Talolo. With Leeds Festival coming up, which is bound to be a mud bath, you can never have enough wellington boot options. These are the  ‘original cowboy wellies’ and come complete with a little block heel and pointed toe, so you can channel your inner Daisy Duke whatever the weather. I chose the Paisley Vibe design, as I do love a good bit of paisley, but they come in two other options too. For £32 they’re not a bad price either, for something a bit different! Last year I had a pair of Joules wellies and the amount of people I spotted with similar ones was ridiculous, so I’m quite pleased I will have a pair that not many other people will be able to pull off (I say this like I’m going to be the coolest kid in the field, ha!). Talking of footwear, I also picked up some slip on shoes to remind me of my youth from Primark too! These leopard print numbers were only £7 and even have the same criss cross sole that you find on actual Vans. I’ve not owned a style like this since around 2002 in the mosher days, but I’m glad they’ve come back in because they’re so comfortable. I’m hoping to wear them on my trip to London on Sunday and they’d better be as comfortable as my old ones else I will be mad and hurt from blistered feet. 

And finaaaalllllyyyy, I bought this clear raincoat from eBay for a mere £11! They’ve put the price up a few quid now, but you can get one from this seller who is based in the UK (a lot of them were in China) and it came around 4 days after I ordered it. It’s perfect for hot but rainy weather, as it’s actually waterproof! Unless this crap raincoat I bought from New Look which isn’t waterproof in the slightest and cost twice as much. Boooo!


  1. July 24, 2014 / 11:42 pm

    I don't think anyone minds lots of sponsored/gifted posts as long at they are interspersed with 'normal' posts, otherwise I just feel i'm reading an advertisement blog! That spotty dress looks amazing with the belt on, I may have to have a little lookie at the site it is from. Not sure I could pull the wellies off though haha!
    Amy at Amy & More

  2. July 25, 2014 / 12:10 pm

    I think I love that raincoat!!

  3. July 25, 2014 / 12:28 pm

    I love the clear raincoat. Topshop do a similar one, minus the ears, but it's about £45. I need to look up this ebay seller!

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