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Korres Vetiver Root, Green Tea and Cedarwood Fragrance
Korres Vetiver Root, Green Tea and Cedarwood Fragrance*

It’s been a long time since I’ve sniffed a fragrance which would count as unisex. In the 90’s it was all the rage to share a eau de toilette which your beau, but the hype died down and everyone went back to using their gender specific smells. I actually chose this Korres fragrance from The Hut without even considering what it smelt like. I just know how much I love my staple Korres Freesia, Lychee and Vanilla scent and wanted to go for something a bit different in the same range, as I’ve already been through about 3 bottles of that one! Without hesitation I just saw ‘green tea’ and added it to my basket. I had no idea what this would smell like, as green tea isn’t particularly the strongest of scents, but I figured it would be pretty refreshing. I did completely pass over the fact it consisted of cedarwood though, which is classically quite a masculine scent, but the Vetiver Root adds a slightly citrus smell. But not citrus at the same time. More of a subtle undertone which reminds you of a citrus?! As always with Korres, their combinations of scents and ingredients create such a unique product that it’s quite hard to explain! Costing £30 for a 50ml bottle, the Korres fragrances are always excellent value for money, and always last FOREVER once you’ve sprayed them on. It’s the only fragrance line which lasts for hours on me and people actually notice I’m wearing perfume.  From reading the descriptions of the other scents in the range I am unsure why I chose this one, as it does read as being one of the more earthy and woody scents, which I usually don’t go for. But it’s the perfect scent to take away with you if you’re going on your holidays with your partner because you can both use it!
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