You Know You Were a 00’s Greebo When…

This weekend I’m excited to see some of the soundtrack of my youth at Sonisphere, it’s like some kind of Big Reunion for alt kids – Bam Margera is there for christs sake! Some of you know that I’m a lot older than I look, and when I was 18 (circa 2004), In the times before hipster, in times before emo, in times before scene. There was a different subculture lurking. One which hit against those townies and mods (yes, it was even a time before chav was a word) – there were GREEBOS; or some may have called them moshers, greebs, metallers, fribbs, and most people not in to this era of alternative just called them, FREAAAKSSS, MANNNN, because they were so edgy and weird. 

You know you were part of this trend when:

You often Limped with the Bizkit
Your red cap always used to get the wrap from the critics
You were constantly tripping over your baggy jeans/cords/weird straps from your baggy jeans/cords
You know what ”UMMMM NA NA OOOM NA NA EEM-AH” means
You cried to Deftones//Be Quiet and Drive. More than once
You thought Wes Borland was dead fit, but you didn’t actually, it was just a ‘weird’ thing you said
You thought a S tattoo would look mint (and know which S that refers to)
You also thought a heartagram tattoo would look mint
You knew who the ‘9 men in masks were’
You would purposely turn up your portable CD player on the bus so everyone would think you were ‘edgy’
You hung around on MCUK (AOL music chat UK)
You had a fake Linkin Park hoodie that you got your friends dad to get you from outside a gig for £10
You never took said hoodie off
You owned a pair of vans
You got your lip pierced
You got a tunnel in your ear
You dyed your hair pink/blue/purple/orange/red
You wore fishnet gloves
You wore too much eyeliner
You wore sweatbands
You played bass guitar (for a day)
You could skateboard (for a day)
You bought an ironic bag/T shirt/hoodie (care bears, powerpuff girls, pokemon)
You had the MySpace angles
You thought listening to Mudvayne, Static X, Disturbed, Mushroomhead made you really underground, but it didn’t

I know there’s more. You know there’s more.
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