How To Wear Earrings (When You Don’t Wear Earrings)

Despite having a degree in making jewellery and owning quite a lot of it, I rarely actually wear any. I also used to have an abundance of piercings too – belly button, nose, lip, ears, I used to be a right little mosher. But now I wear non of that type of jewellery either. In fact, wearing pierced jewellery really freaks me out now and I can’t bear the thought of a piece of metal going through my skin! Apart from my favourite Sally Collins necklace on special occasions, I don’t really like to wear any jewellery, but alas, I still come over all Magpie like when something sparkly catches my eye. When Glitzy Secrets asked if I wanted to treat myself to an item off their website, I was drawn to these art deco style earrings. I knew I wouldn’t wear them in my ears, but straight away I popped them on at collar clips instead. Granted, this spotty Minkpink shirt dress probably isn’t the best garment to wear them with, as it does dilute the beautiful shape a little too much, but you get the jist. Not to mention I haven’t actually had this dress off since I’ve had it, it’s just so wearable and comfy! I popped a bit of loose chain in between the earrings to add a bit more of a feature to them and also hold the collar in the right place as they are slightly more weighty than a collar clip should probably be! Although Glitzy Secrets do a great range of bridal and fancy jewellery, I do enjoy taking an item for one purpose and turning it in to something new. So even if you don’t have your ear’s pierced or like wearing earrings, there are ways around it if you use your imagination. An idea like this is also perfect for making a plainer dress a bit more snazzy for a special occasion, or just for every day. It’s a shame to have something so sparkly and special and only being able to wear it for fancy occasions or dinners out and an elaborate shape like this could even be worn on it’s on as a brooch on your favourite plain black blazer. Oh the possibilities, eh.

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  1. August 13, 2014 / 9:01 am

    great idea! I can't wear earrings so this is a great way for me to use the earrings I have which people have bought me because they thought I had my ears pierced!

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