Leeds Festival 2014

Leeds Festival 2014 Roundup

Ahhhh, Leeds Festival 2014, my favourite festival to attend. So far this year my little wellie bobs and I have ventured to Sonisphere, V Festival and Leeds; and although Sonisphere was the most fun time EVER TO BE HAD and the adventure involved gate crashing an Iron Maiden party, throwing chairs around the guest area and verbally abusing the guy from Dragonforce – Leeds just has that special little place in my heart. Being the first festival I ever attended in 2006, and one which I have attended around 6 times since, it just always seems to be the festival I miss the most for the rest of the year. This year I managed to win tickets via Popcorn Outdoor and I could not be more thankful! Starting my new job tomorrow I couldn’t of imagined a better or bigger blow out party time to have in preparation to be all ‘business business business, numbers numbers numbers’ on my first day.  This year again I went with my blogging buddy Victoria and we had so much fun, even more so than last year when we thought it was a great idea to ‘work’ the weekend (and we ended up not working anything and just getting drunk and losing our deposit, whoops).
The weather wasn’t the best, but it certainly was not the worst, and the mud was nothing compared to last year! Thanks to Cloggs I managed to keep my feet sassy and stylish with these absolutely beautiful Joules wellies. I know wellies aren’t exactly the most glamorous part of any wardrobe, but with their cute little bows on the back they made me feel a little bit more fancy for the weekend. Although saying that, whoever decided that a textile bow on footwear you only wear when it’s wet was a good idea is a bit nuts, I’m quite sad the bow didn’t stay tied, but they still looked nice dangling about. I also bagged a new rucksack (see what I did there?) and kept it simple with a plain burgundy. I had a floral version of this Mi-Pac backpack last year and they’re just the right size for lugging about your pants and your make up. I always use a backpack to keep my ‘important’ things in then a bigger back for actual clothes. 
Speaking of clothes, I think I only wore two different outfits during the weekend, which we only managed to snap in the glamorous car park as taking pictures by the tent was a little too cringe to manage. Thankfully the HTC One M8 has a pretty good camera on it, so I didn’t need to take my actual camera. It only rained a few times and we managed to miss that by sitting in the car and drinking copious amounts of vodka and eating pringles, but it was quite warm when the sun actually came out. Leeds is always a nice relaxed festival where there’s actually a distinct lacking of floral headbands and shorts which reveal the ass, so you don’t ever feel the need to do your own personal fashion show. I think this is one of the reasons I love it, because everyone is having way too much fun to be a cliché fashionista. 
The best bands I saw were Gogol Bordello, The Hives and funnily enough, Paramore. I’m not a ‘fan’ of Paramore, but I suppose they are a bit of a guilty pleasure and I found myself dancing about to all of their songs. I’ve been a big fan of Gogol Bordello for yeaaaaarrsss now and I have seen them before, but their performance at Leeds this year was amazing! They are one of those bands that just look like they’re having the most fun ever up on stage and you can dance to every song even if you don’t know it. Maybe I just have a soft spot for them because the singer Eugene Hutz is Ukranian and my great gran was from the Ukraine, but either way just give them a little listen on Youtube (here) and absorb the gypsy punk for yourself. If their music isn’t your kind of thing then Eugene was also in Everything Is Illuminated, which just so happens to be my favourite film ever too so give that a watch! The Hives never fail to put on an amazing show and their singer is the best front man you will ever experience, although it probably wasn’t the best time I’ve seen them as the atmosphere just wasn’t as good on the main stage as in smaller tents, I still enjoyed it. A lot.

The best night of the Festival, as usual, was down at the Picadilly Party near the main camp sites. I have some pals that DJ there and it is always amazing. Watching how crazy people go down in the field and how hard they party despite the rain and cold is just awesome, every time. Me and Victoria gave it the big one (hence that video down there, haaaahhaaaa) and pretended we were Beyonce’s backing dancers for the evening whilst trying not to throw up bouncing around after a great deal of vodka. Somehow we managed to escape hangovers too. That alone makes me feel like life is such a success right now.

Leeds Festival 2014 Roundup

Leeds Festival 2014 Roundup

Leeds Festival 2014 Roundup

Leeds Festival 2014 Roundup

So, that was my weekend! How was yours? 
I’ll also be doing a blog post all about the Freshers events Popcorn Outdoor are putting on this year soon, so if you’re starting University this year keep an eye out for that. 


  1. August 25, 2014 / 11:00 pm

    I've only ever been to V (because I live close, though I did camp there once) but i've always been a bit scared of Leeds/Reading, but from what you said it sounds more relaxed than the ones the trendy headband paint wearing folk attend. Glad you had a great time, great dancing! 😉

    Amy at Amy & More

    • August 26, 2014 / 7:09 am

      I think the sheer amount of people is a bit intimidating but once you're there and getting a bit tipsy you soon have fun!!

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