Peachy Cheeks With Benefit Majorette

Benefit Cosmetics New Release: Majorette Cream Blush

An Effortlessly Peachy Glow With Benefit’s New Cream Blusher

Benefit Cosmetics New Release: Majorette Cream Blush Blog Review

Instagram was a hot bed the other day of these personalised mugs which Benefit Cosmetics have sent out, to promote their brand new Majorette Cream Blush. I really hope people aren’t sick of seeing an abundance of blog’s doing a Benefit Majorette Review yet, because I’m about to do mine. Now when I received this I was as usual, pretty sceptical. I’ve always found Benefit products hit and miss and have always favoured their skin care range over their make up. But you know what? I think Benefit Majorette blush might be my new favourite peachy toned blusher to date. Me and cream blushers have never got on that well, I always buy them, but can never use them right. In the past I’ve tried applying them with brushes and my fingers to see which works best, and every time I end up just not bothering using the blush at all. Mainly because no matter which I use regardless of application method seems to drag the foundation off from my cheeks and I end up with un-blended pink goo sitting where the blusher and foundation combo should be. 
Majorette seems to be a little bit different though. The formula is silky, but the product is really hard within the packaging. You can really rub you finger in and pick up a lot of product, but without making a big dent in it or smooshing it up. It’s really soft and easy to blend when you apply it to the apples of your cheeks, and the pigmentation is enough to add a peachy coral glow on it’s own. It’s so easy to transfer from your finger to your face that it doesn’t drag the foundation beneath off (hurrah!!).  You also find that it’s not the horrible sticky finish most cream blushers tend to be, and you end up with a lovely soft finish powdery but not drying result. It’s scent is sweet, slightly peachy, yet not sickly and the packaging design is sturdy and feels more like a high end product – despite it still being the cardboard style packaging some people dislike, it has a plastic scalloped edge and magnetic closure, which adds a little more of a higher end feel. 
You can use it alone to add a hint of colour to your cheeks, or use it underneath your regular blusher to help it pop. The best way it can be described I suppose, is as a primer for your blusher. Although personally, I much prefer Majorette used on it’s own, as in the pictures below. The only issue with the colour is that it probably wouldn’t suit every skin tone. I think this is one much more suited to fairer skin if you wanted to add a nice pinky peach tone to your skin, but saying that, maybe using it as the base for your blusher of choice works much better for darker skin tones than it does for me. I found when layered underneath it was a bit too much colour on my pale white chops. 
Benefit Cosmetics New Release: Majorette Cream Blush Blog Review

Benefit Cosmetics New Release: Majorette Cream Blush Blog Review

You can buy Benefit Majorette Cream Blush online here
RRP £23.50